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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Master in Business programs provide students with a foundational understanding of business principles that prepare them for careers in small business, multinational corporations, or government organizations.

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries on the planet. The country has both tropical and temperate zones giving students the best time here. If you wish to study for your course in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it will be a brilliant life with much entertainment in the country as well.

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Official University Master's Degree In International Cooperation And Management Of Public Policies, Programs And Projects

Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset
Campus Full time 600 hours

This program leads to the title of University Master's Degree in International Cooperation and Public Policy Management, Programs and Projects Development from the International University Menéndez Pelayo, organized in collaboration with the University Institute Ortega y Gasset Research. Credits taken in the Master are recognized automatically for access to doctoral studies in any university in the European Higher Education [+]

Best Masters in Business in Mexico 2017. Objectives: promoting development requires professionals able to understand the causes that fuel poverty and inequality and to design policies and cooperation programs that effectively combat. Theme: - Fundamentals of International Cooperation System. - Design and implementation of public policy development. - Project management. Logical Framework Approach. - Development cooperation with Latin America. - International cooperation with sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb / ​​Middle East. Dirigido a: Professional and related persons, or vocation of public service whose degree allows access to training programs as a matter of Master. Acknowledgements according to the prestigious ranking of Masters prepared annually by the newspaper El Mundo, it has recognized the Master in International Cooperation as the third best Masters in Spain on Cooperation category 2014/2015. This program leads to the title Official Master's Degree in International Cooperation and Public Policy Management, Development Programs and Projects the Menendez Pelayo International University, organized in collaboration with the University Institute Ortega y Gasset Research. Credits taken in the Master are recognized automatically for access to doctoral studies in any university in the European Higher Education Area This is the third edition of the Master's Degree which is based and history Master in International Cooperation and Management Projects which were held XI editions. Program Mandatory module. FOUNDATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION SYSTEM (16 credits) Traditional cooperation of donors and non-donors DAC (6 credits) Concept Development and its dimensions: economic growth, Democracy, Gender and Human Rights (6 credits) International cooperation instruments (4 credits) Mandatory module. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PUBLIC POLICIES FOR DEVELOPMENT (14 credits) Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Public Policy Development (5 credits) Intergovernmental coordination and management of decentralized cooperation. The formation of public-private networks (5 credits Areas of intervention: Social Policy, Capacity Building and Economic Growth (4 credits) Mandatory module. PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Logical Framework Approach (12 credits) Identification and Development of Cooperation Projects (6 credits) Techniques for Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and cooperation interventions (6 credits) Optional module. DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION WITH LATIN AMERICA (6 credits) Development, poverty and inequality in Latin America: political systems and models of growth (3 credits) Latin America in the system of international cooperation (3 credits) Optional module. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION WITH SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA AND MAGHREB / MIDDLE EAST (6 credits) Problems of Development and International Cooperation with sub-Saharan Africa (3 credits) Problems of Development and International Cooperation with the Maghreb / ​​Middle East (3 credits) Internships (6 credits) - Made in a specialized agency in international development cooperation Final Master Work (6 credits) - Ensures graduate specialization in the area of ​​cooperation and development of their choice Admission Requirements  A maximum of 30 places are available. The admission to the Master must be in possession of a Spanish official university degree or another issued by an institution of higher education belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that authorize, in the issuing country for access to teaching Master's Degree, preferably at graduates in the different fields of knowledge related to the discipline being studied, but may also admit students (graduates or graduate degree) formed in other areas within the field of Social Sciences and Law , which must certify basic training in matters related to the program. They may be admitted graduates from outside the EHEA education systems without approval of their titles, with proof of a level of education equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that empower the country issuing the qualification for admission to postgraduate studies . Entry by this route does not imply in any case the approval of the title, nor its recognition for purposes other than study the teachings of Master. The admission criteria are: Academic record (50%) Volunteer or professional experience in the field of cooperation (20%) Linking the candidate with organizations and institutions from which they can apply the skills acquired in the Masters (10%) Additional training (5%) Letter of motivation on the reasons for working in the field of cooperation and development (5%) Other languages ​​(5%) Other merits (5%) The Academic Programme Committee conducts the review and evaluation of registration applications received and approved the proposal of admitted candidates, according to the above criteria. scholarships Students wishing to pursue this program can apply for scholarships that are detailed below. The application of any help and / or tuition scholarship to pursue studies leading to the official title of Master Management International Cooperation and Public Policy, Programs and Projects Development does not exempt the student from the obligation to pay on time and date, payment terms of reservation and registration required by IUIOG Ortega y Gasset. [-]

Master of Professional Accounting / Master of Business Administration

The University of Newcastle, GradSchool (Online)
Campus Full time Part time

A Combined Master of Professional Accounting/MBA through the University of Newcastle offers a strategically developed program that will develop your theoretical understanding of key concepts in accounting and develop your understanding to solve complex financial problems as well as developing broad skills and understanding of a wide range of business functions, enhanced analytical thinking and challenging your approach to leadership. [+]

Are you passionate about accounting and want a strong foundation in business? To extend your business capabilities as well as obtain specialised accounting knowledge, the combined Master’s program in Professional Accounting and Business Administration is the program for you. A combined Masters will set you apart in the increasingly competitive global labour market. In order to reach senior management positions, a high level of technical expertise and broad organisational understanding is required. The combined Master’s program in Professional Accounting and Business Administration aims to equip graduates with the technical expertise to work in the rigorous world of accounting as well as an extended understanding in the whole of business practice, providing the knowledge required to excel in senior management. A combined Master of Professional Accounting (MPAC)/ Master of Business Administration (MBA) through the University of Newcastle has been designed for professionals aiming to further expand their career opportunities, readying themselves for senior management positions. With a focus on high level management capabilities as well as developing technical expertise and eligibility for the professional accounting bodies, the combined the MPAC/MBA arms you with the high-level skills and "know-how" to succeed in accounting or senior management roles. These skills are transferrable to organizations of all sizes in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. Is it for you? Are you seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career in accounting and are working up the corporate ladder? In the dynamic world of professional accounting and business, employers are looking for highly qualified candidates with demonstrated high level financial analysis. A combined master’s degree in professional accounting and business administration will demonstrate your ability and dedication, as well as increasing your employability in professional management positions across many areas of business, particularly accounting. The advantage of undertaking a combined Masters is you will achieve two qualifications in less time to complete them separately. The combined MPAC/ MBA focuses on building accounting knowledge to be eligible for admission to the professional accounting bodies as well as furthering understanding of broader business functions including marketing, organization design, project management, strategic management and finance. This postgraduate qualification can be the key to your future career success or can provide you with the know how to leverage your business to new heights. With a strategically based focus on meeting the requirements for admission into the professional accounting bodies as well as developing business management capabilities the combined MPAC/ MBA will leverage your career potential. Upon graduation you will be eligible to join the CPA and the ICA as well as having developed a comprehensive understanding of extended business functions. This program provides students with the opportunity to develop practical skills by applying their knowledge to real-world problems. This postgraduate qualification will improve your career potential, while providing you with the flexibility to study at a pace that suits the demands of your life. Career Pathways Studying a combined Masters will open opportunities in a wide variety of industries with organisations looking to tap into your wealth of knowledge and expertise in a number of areas. A qualification that provides professional accounting credentials and develops management skills in a variety of business functions will be highly relevant to organisations of all sizes in the public, private or not-for-profit sector. The program content focuses on developing an understanding of accounting and is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and CPA Australia, preparing graduates for challenging but highly rewarding careers in financial services and accounting. The program also develops a deeper understanding of developing and implementing business strategy and various business functions, which means graduates can pursue their career ambitions and increase their earning potential. The MPAC/MBA qualification will equip you will the skills and knowledge to approach management problems with confidence and conviction leading to highly rewarding careers in senior management. Admission Requirements There are two pathways into the Master of Professional Accounting/Master of Business Administration. Direct entry into the Masters Program (210 units) will be available for applicants who have: 3 year Bachelors Degree in the discipline; or 3 year Bachelors Degree not in the discipline + 1 year relevant business experience; or At least 7 years business experience, including 2 years in a management position. Students entering via this pathway are able to complete 4 courses per trimester, and are able to complete courses in any sequence they wish, that is consistent with course prerequisites. Applicants with an Honours degree in the cognate area or equivalent relevant qualifications at level 8 or above will be given appropriate recognition of prior learning. The alternate pathway is through the Graduate Certificate (40 units) which will be available for applicants who have: 3 year Bachelors Degree not in the discipline; or 3 year Diploma in the discipline; or 3 year Diploma not in the discipline + 1 year relevant business experience; or 2 year Diploma in the discipline + 2 years relevant business experience; or 2 year Diploma not in the discipline + 3 years relevant business experience; or At least 5 years business experience. Students entering via this pathway will be required to: Complete the Graduate Certificate over a minimum of two trimesters (typically 20 units per trimester); and Successfully complete a Business Academic Skills Program (BASP) which will be of 6 weeks duration. The BASP will be non-fee based and can be completed concurrently with courses in the Graduate Certificate. Only after the successful completion of the Graduate Certificate and the academic skills program will students be eligible to formally enrol in the Masters Program. Minimum English Language Proficiency Requirements Applicants who do not speak English as a first language must demonstrate that they meet the University's English proficiency requirement. Further information regarding English language proficiency requirements can be found at the English Language Proficiency for Admission Policy at [-]

Master in Management - IPM

ICN Business School
Campus Full time 2 years

The Master in Management (Grande École Degree) program trains tomorrow's professionals to be able to perform across the boundaries between management and other disciplines. [+]

Best Masters in Business in Mexico 2017. The Master in Management (Grande École Degree) program trains tomorrow's professionals to be able to perform across the boundaries between management and other disciplines. Students receive a thorough grounding in management disciplines. This gives them the confidence to confront, after many experiences both in the classroom and off-campus, a wide range of challenging and unique situations to which they will be asked to provide innovative solutions. Degree awarded: ICN Master in Management Degree – Degree approved by the French Government. Ministry of Higher Education Visa of Approval: ICN Business School is hereby authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to award the Degree of Master to successful graduates of its 2 years program ICN Master in Management. Why join the program? Build your customized program depending on your professional project: choose your specialization among 12 study Routes and more than 20 Artem Workshops. 
 Choose, from among the ICN's 130 partners in 50 countries, the foreign university which you think will contribute most to your training program (optional). 
 Learn to overcome yourself and to manage your future career thanks to the Management Seminars included in the program. PROGRAM CONTENT: 1st year (Master program or IPM): Common Core Course: Data analysis; Business environment; Intercultural communication; Professional skills; Cost accounting; Organizational behavior; Management control; Investment and financing decisions; IS management; Strategic marketing; Project management; Strategic analysis; Organizational design; Industrial and services marketing; Intercultural management; Risk and company valuation Specializations: Arts and Entertainment Industry Management; Audit; Banking, Funds and Markets; Communication and Digital Marketing; Management Control; Product/Service Design Innovation; Distribution, E-Commerce and Key Account Management; Corporate Finance; International Brand Management; Management of Innovation; Talent Management in Organizations; Banking and Insurance Artem Courses: choose your Artem Workshop among over 20 Workshops “Team Spirit” Seminar Internship: 3 months in a company 2nd year (Master program only): Common Core Course: Governance, ethics and CSR; Managing early growth and performance; Leadership; Strategy Management; Risk Management Option 1: Continuation of the Specialization choosen during the 1st year program Option 2: Choice of an ICN or an International Double Degree Artem Courses: Common Artem Courses + Artem Innovation Challenge (competition with Students from Artem Alliance) “Developing your career” Seminar Internship: 6 months in a company in France or abroad Requirements: Admission for international students: Students holding a Bachelor degree or a recognized foreign 3-year degree: 
 Admission on to 1st year for 2 years of study (Master in Management program)
  Admission on to 1st year for 1 year of study (IPM program) Admission Selection: Selection will be made on the basis of the completed application submitted (an oral interview can be organized). The application should contain: certified academic transcripts from all universities attended, a curriculum vitae, a covering letter and attestations of languages. Copy of the Certificate(s) of language(s) indicating level achieved [for non-native speakers of the language(s) required]: English language: TOEFL (79-80 IBT), TOEIC (750-800), GMAT (550), IELTS (6,5), Certificate of Cambridge (level C) French language: DALF or DELF (level B2) The admissions jury will meet in June. Practical information: Length of studies: 2 years of studies 
 Campuses location and languages of study: English track: Metz (France) or Nuremberg (Germany) for the 1st year program; Metz or Nancy (France) for the 2nd year program French track: Nancy (France) for the 2-year program Information: some options or modules of the program depend on the Campus choosen [-]