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Business Analytics

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Business analytics studies cover the technologies and skills utilized in the investigation and analysis of the past performances of businesses with the goal of gaining the proper insight to successfully drive business planning. It involves making business decisions based on statistics and data.

France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

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Advanced Master In Marketing & Data Analytics (Taught In French)

NEOMA Business School
Campus Part time 12 months September 2017 France Paris

Faced with the growing digitalization of business and the multiplication of channels of interaction between consumers and brands, competitive advantage lies more than ever in the ability to understand the complexity of the market and anticipate their evolution. [+]

Part time Masters in Business Analytics in Ile-de-France in France. RECORDED IN TRAINING RNCP - LEVEL OF TITLE I (BAC +5) Faced with the growing digitalization of business and the multiplication of channels of interaction between consumers and brands, competitive advantage lies more than ever in the ability to understand the complexity of the market and anticipate their evolution. Thus the big data phenomenon today represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to rethink their innovation, communication, distribution and services for a better customer experience. So companies need more than ever to marketing staff with analytical and predictive skills to better identify problems and make the most optimal decisions of a ROI perspective. MS Marketing and Data Analytics happens at the crossroads of marketing, technology and predictive approaches with a view to achieve better marketing performance. GOALS Understand the challenges and opportunities related to marketing decision in the context of big data Understand the anchor and the systemic and organizational complexity in connection with the digital transformation of brands Enter the methods and the most advanced technical materials operations of big data Predictive analytic mobilization for decision making and brand marketing performance ASSETS A precursor and a perfect fit positioning with current business needs An opportunity to develop or strengthen the analytical dimension of marketing decision makers A relevant educational content and combines academic teaching and managerial testimonials A didactic pedagogy and experiential mobilizing collective intelligence through different formats: projects, challenges, simulation and situational ... An animation designed in close collaboration with the most companies involved and advances in big data exploitation of marketing. THE PROGRAM CONTROL OF THE ANALYTICAL DATA BIG APPROACH TO ENHANCE THE DECISION AND MARKETING OPTIMIZATION OF THE KING FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING DECISION: Strategy Marketing - Consumer Behavior and the Buyer - Brand Management - Marketing and Digital Communication - Multichannel Distribution - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Marketing Services - Launch of New Products and Open Innovation - International marketing. ORGANIZATION AND TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS: Digital Transformation - New Business Models and Sharing Economy - Organizational Behavior, Decision and Performance - Project Management and IT - Management Information Systems - Operations Management. METHODS AND TOOLS DATA BIG: Data Driven Marketing - Marketing Research - Research Methods Qualitative - Datamining (descriptive and predictive) with SPSS - Applied Econometrics and Time Series - Relational Database and Business Reporting (SQL, Spreadsheets and Spreadsheets; SAS , Python, R) - Data Privacy and Ethics - Data Visualization. BIG DATA ANALYTICS: Marketing ROI and Optimization - Marketing Analytics - Sales and Business Analytics - Revenue Management and Pricing - Supply Chain and Operations Analytics - Market Forecasting - SEO / SEM - Social Media Intelligence - Semantic and Text Mining - Web Analytics - Retail Analytics. SKILLS AND HUMAN SKILLS: Creative Thinking and Emotional Intelligence - Leadership and Team Building - Personal Development and Self Knowledge - Personal Branding - Communication and Persuasion - Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. RESIDENTIAL SEMINAR '' BIG DATA IMMERSION '' - PARTNERSHIP WITH THE IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON The participants of the MS Marketing & Data Analytics will have the opportunity to attend an intensive seminar of 3 days in London at KPMG Centre for Advanced Analytics at Imperial College. The educational program will meet some partner companies from central and leading faculty researchers around big data challenges in marketing and strategy and analytical levers for innovation, value creation and performance. Imperial College is a multi- disciplinary university, based in South Kensington in central London, specializing in sciences, management, engineering and medicine. It is regularly ranked among the 10 best universities. PROJECTS AND SIMULATION SIMULATION GAME ON LINE Markstrat Designing complex environmental marketing strategies and make decisions for High Tech products for differentiated markets. Identify and analyze the right data to the declination of strategic and operational marketing policies for a better performance against competitors. CRM SIMULATION SUMMARY scenario-based exercise and immersion in farms with a CRM database in collaboration with a partner brand. Apprehension, contextualization and analysis of multi-channel customer data to improve the efficiency, optimization of CRM campaigns and increasing customer value. STRATEGIC CAPSTONE Synthesis Project and cross on a data analyst marketing mission and speaker after all MOH seminars. This is an opportunity to mobilize statistics and predictive approaches to marketing decision making in a given sector (FMCG, B2B, pharmaceutical, banking and insurance, ...) or a specific channel (mobile analytics, social analytics, digital analytics ...). PROFESSIONAL THESIS The thesis consists of a research carried out by the participant under the direction of a supervising expert. This is an exercise in deep reflection to review and solve a problem by combining review of the academic literature and a qualitative field study and / or quantitatively to put into perspective the results and provide operational recommendations. MS Thesis is an opportunity to deepen knowledge in a specific field and to attest to the expertise of the student in the context of a professional valuation. SOME BUSINESS TARGETS marketing analyst Master data manager / analyst Business analyst CRM Analytics Manager Consumer & Market Knowledge Analyst Head of digital product Chief data officer Market (ing) researcher Digital analyst / web analytics Customer and multichannel manager Customer experience manager Marketing data expert / consultant Consultant / Project Manager Big Data marketing consultant analytics Digital data officer / marketing manager digitalv Data mining manager Data planner Responsible for customer knowledge / standby Market Consultant SI / SIM Director customer journey Brand Reputation Manager Community Manager and Social Intelligence PRACTICAL INFORMATION recorded training RNCP. Heading Level 1 (+5). part-time training provided on the campus of Paris. CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION Open to candidates holding a Bac + 4/5, experienced managers, working professionals ADMISSION Selection of application, motivation interview and English test APPLICATION FEE € 100 DURATION 12 months (400 hours) - 3 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) every 3 weeks in parallel mission in business BACK October 2016 COST OF TRAINING € 15.300 SESSION ADMISSION 2016-2017, contact Gwenaelle TOULLEC ( [-]