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Business Studies

A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Business studies is an academic area of study that provides the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the business realm. Studies may consist of finance, accounting, economics, organizational studies, business ethics, and marketing.

Panama is a country in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. The ease of travel and wide array of experiences make Panama one of the most attractive emerging tourism destinations in the world. Universidad Tecnológica de Panama (Technological University of Panama, the best University in Panama in Engineering and Logistics programs) has a Language Center where you can learn Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Italian and many other languages.

Top Master Programs in Business Studies in Panama 2018

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Master In International Trade

ADEN Business School
Online February 2019 Panama Panama City

The Master in International Business Management and Foreign Trade has been designed for a completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence. [+]


completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence

The Master in International Trade provides a strategic view of changing international business scenario.

GOALS Provide businesses and human capital which operates in international environments qualified to adequately address the process of making strategic decisions and solving problems related to the management of international trade. To publicize the new vision, guidelines, fundamentals, prospects and factors that directly affect the global scenario of global business, characterized by increasing complexity and constant changes subjugation. Equipping attendees with the practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the tools and skills needed to function in international markets, allowing present situations and make strategic decisions related to the external dimension of the organization, its international projection and commercialization of products and / or service. Analyze how the operation linked to international business from a methodological perspective eminently useful and practical is managed. recipients Directors, Assistants and Administrative Department of Export Companies. Consultants and Consultants in business internationalization. Mypes managers and Micromypes. Foreign trade professionals in all areas. Grade Career College Students and Graduate Area, related to the subject taught. Anyone interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the complex and changing world of international trade and strategic management tasks associated with such activity. academic content MODULE 1: Introduction to International Trade: Basic Concepts. Process on Globalization and International Economy MODULE 2: Strategic Policy and International Markets Location. Economic Blocks:... [-]

Master In Marketing And Sales

ADEN Business School
Online Full time February 2019 Panama Panama City

The Master in Marketing and Sales has been designed for a completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence [+]

THE MASTER IN MARKETING AND SALES It has been designed for a completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence

It has 9 specific modules of the disciplines of marketing and sales, which will allow the creation of memorable experiences that enhance the loyalty of your customers.


At the end of the completed Master Marketing and Sales, the participant will have achieved the following transfer targets:

Change the way we do marketing companies Knowing the process of creating demand Learn to apply neuromarketing in decision-making Determine different social behaviors and how communities are formed Apply different forms of experiential marketing Develop an action plan relational Design and implement a successful Value Proposition Understanding the commercial phenomenon, from understanding and strategy development management experience Define and develop tools for business management Implement a business plan with a strong emphasis on selling Evaluate the role of the parts of the plan, as well as the impact of each decision on the implementation and commissioning Review, evaluate and improve sales management practices within the company Plan the necessary commercial structures to achieve through sales teams, solid relationship with the client Identify necessary and effective tools for sales teams achieve their professionalism in the face of increasingly demanding markets To determine the impact of business decisions on results recipients ... [-]

Mastery In Innovation For Business Development (online)

Tecnológico de Monterrey
Online Full time Part time 2 years September 2018 Panama Panama City + 1 more

Today, success in organizations depends on their ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments, create new markets and generate new strategies and lead. [+]


Today, success in organizations depends on their ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments, create new markets and generate new strategies and lead.

To stay competitive, organizations need to innovate and create business value by generating new products, processes and services within a model that identifies the different types of innovation and the most appropriate strategic approaches.

This requires training people and creative teams that create value and have a vision to guide them to seek new opportunities.


The Master of Innovation for Enterprise Development aims:

Be entrepreneurial leaders with a culture of innovation through practical methodologies for developing high-value business and creating value within established organizations aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs. Identify opportunities to generate added value to the market. Promote a culture of innovation to generate sustainable competitive advantages. Manage the innovation process from idea generation, dissemination and evaluation of their impact on the company. Providing a model of product development and technology-based services that allow hands-on learning. Develop and strengthen the skills to start a technology-based project itself or within an already established company. Identify opportunities for innovation in established organizations. Identify opportunities to create new technology-based businesses. Addressed to ... [-]