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A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.

A program in business management emphasizes the importance of organizational structure and managerial policies in various corporate settings. Topics such as marketing, human resource management, accounting, and corporate restructuring will sometimes be covered.

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Master's Degree in SAP Support and Bigdata

PC Carrier
Online & Campus Combined Full-time September 2019 Spain A Coruña

Master's Degree in SAP Support and Bigdata

Master Management and Business Administration

L’École Supérieure de la Francophonie pour l'Administration et le Management
Campus Full-time 1 year October 2019 Bulgaria Sofia

This master is focused on a logic of dual competence. Thanks to the wide range of knowledge acquired during the training, a wide variety of jobs are offered to graduates, especially in the areas of activity corresponding to their original training.

Master in business management and marketing

Campus Full-time September 2019 Spain Madrid

A program for professionals at international level. Aimed at people who hold or are called to occupy the positions and functions of Commercial Marketing Managers or Sales ...

Master European Management and Corporate Strategy

Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Communication et de Gestion
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 France Nice Cannes-et-Clairan Agde + 2 more

This Master aims to train future executives who will work on the various economic functional fields of business. This is a European Diploma awarded by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) giving a BAC + 5 level.

Master in business management and marketing

Online Full-time 9 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

The objective of this program is not only technical knowledge but also convey to train students in the skills and attitudes

master's degree in business management software sap

La Salle International Graduate School IGS
Campus Part-time 8 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Management Software SAP (MSG-SAP) aims to train consultants, both internal and external, in the implementation of SAP solutions

Gmcm - master in business management and marketing

ISEAD Business School
Online Part-time 13 months October 2019 Colombia Bogotá Spain Madrid USA Miami + 4 more

This program provides the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for effectively develop business and marketing efforts that require companies.

Master in Economics and International Business Management

Pan-European University
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Slovakia Bratislava

Graduates of the master’s program in the field of International Business are prepared to be able to perform all the executive, management functions in the subject area.

Master of Business Management

Wroclaw University of Economics
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 years October 2019 Poland Wrocław + 1 more

The proposed program is directed at the candidates interested in business administration/management. It consists of four semesters of intensive English Language classes.

Master of Engineering in Health Business Management

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full-time 18 months August 2019 Finland Helsinki

Master's Program in Health Business Management is a joint program customized for social and healthcare professionals as well as for business and engineering professionals who want to expand their expertise through improved management skills in this very key sector. Eligibility requirements include an appropriate Bachelor's degree and work experience.

Master in Management

South East European University
Campus Full-time 4 semesters September 2019 Macedonia Skopje Tetovo + 1 more

The objectives of this program are: Raising the level of management and supervision of enterprises and development of contemporary management; Training and developing of contemporary profile managers: entrepreneurs, prepared to take actions, as well as risks related to any initiative, flexible, determined and courageous individuals.

Master in International Business Management

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Campus Online Part-time 9 months August 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

It will give you an opportunity to apply for work positions that are on demand at the moment like International Management, International Marketing Management, Export Management, International Trade Management, International Area Management, etc.

MSc in International Business Development

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Russia Saint Petersburg

The best reasons to participate in the program. World-class professors from SPbPU and leading European business schools. Unique opportunities for international mobility. Possible semester abroad at academic partners of SPbPU.

System Analysis in Business Management

Siberian State Aerospace University SibSAU
Campus Full-time September 2019 Russia Krasnoyarsk

The objective of the master's degree program «System Analysis in Business Management» is a training of highly qualified professionals for logistics and analytical work

Master in Management of Startups and Product Development

OBS Business School
Online Full-time 10 months November 2019 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 1 more

For two decades, we have been teaching entrepreneurs how to write useful business plans to help foresee problems and before they were what investors in startups required. We now know that these long-term plans to predict a series of unknowns do not survive the first contact with customers.