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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Business analytics studies cover the technologies and skills utilized in the investigation and analysis of the past performances of businesses with the goal of gaining the proper insight to successfully drive business planning. It involves making business decisions based on statistics and data.

The capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam has well known universities such as the University of Amsterdam and Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam. These educational institutions tend to provide diversified graduate and post graduate degree programs, and they have top notch Research and Development facilities.

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Other options within this field of study:
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Master’s in Business Analytics (BA) is a multidisciplinary program, aimed at improving business processes by applying a combination of methods based on mathematics, c ... [+]

Master in Business Analytics

The Master’s in Business Analytics (BA) is a multidisciplinary program, aimed at improving business processes by applying a combination of methods based on mathematics, computer science, and business management. You will be trained in recognizing and solving in-company problems. BA is a hands-on program: you will use your expertise in the various fields to improve business practices by examining and analyzing real-world situations as faced by companies daily.

Construct, implement and assess solution approaches

Theories from Business Analytics are typically applied to areas such as supply chain planning, data mining, call center management, revenue management and risk management. The Master’s program will deepen your knowledge in these areas and give you the opportunity to specialize in business process optimization, computational intelligence, and financial risk management. Combining the knowledge you acquire and applying it to practical situations plays an essential role in the program. The Master’s degree is concluded with a six-month individual internship at a company (the Master’s project).... [-]

Netherlands Amsterdam
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2 years
United International Business Schools

Full-time students can earn a Master degree in 1 academic year of 9 months, for a total of 3 quarters of 20 credits each, or within 12 months when spreading the workload. ... [+]

Specialize in Business Analytics with our MIM program Flexible Study Programs

Our flexible study programs are based on the American model of higher education, allowing students to choose their courses based on course requirements, previous studies, current interests and future ambitions.

United International Business Schools (UIBS)

Dedicated since 2002 to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, United International Business Schools (UIBS) is an independent private education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate (Bachelor/BBA) and (Post)Graduate (Master/MBA and Doctor/DBA) level leading to private (programmatically-accredited) degrees, and to American regionally-accredited and European state-recognized degrees in cooperation with our academic partners.... [-]

Netherlands Amsterdam
September 2019
9 - 36 months
Online & Campus Combined