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Congo, DR Goma

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Congo, DR
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Université Francophone du Congo

Master of Business Administration and Management ... [+]

Master of Business Administration and Management

UFRACO will use all possible means to achieve its objectives by intensifying conferences, seminars, symposiums, scientific days. And as a university linked to the Bologna process, the LMD system, through the mobility of its students and professors with other universities attached to the system.

UFRACO adopts the following philosophy:

1) Facilitate the mobility of students and learners in Central Africa and the Great Lakes in particular as well as throughout the world. 10 2) To make the training offerings of African countries legible, visible and predictable; 3) Valuing African formations on a global scale and making them compatible, adoptable and adaptable to knowledge and practiced rigorously in all other countries. It is the national program, plus the cross-curricular courses, but the system is that of License , Master and Doctorate (LMD). However, we will closely follow the different orientations of the Ministry of Trustees on this system.... [-]

Congo, DR Goma
February 2020