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Students who enjoy science and technology may want to pursue an education in biotechnology. Knowledge in this area can lead to innovations in the fields of biomedicine, agriculture and pharmacy. Instruction often includes both applied coursework and laboratory experiments.

Even if you choose East Africa’s mythological, enchanting Tanzania; Senegal, land of teranga or South Africa, with its wide opportunities to soak in and serve, research in Africa will be overwhelming.

View all Master Programs in Biotechnology in Africa 2019

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MTech in Biotechnology

University of Johannesburg
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 4 weeks February 2020 South Africa Johannesburg + 1 more

The primary purpose of the MTech Biotechnology is to provide students with specialised advanced education and training while meeting the requirements of a specific research component so that students can master the required experimental and technological skills and necessary fieldwork competencies such as innovation, decision-making, strategic thinking and organisational skills.