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Transportation Engineering

A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Ports, railroads and highways are all products of the skills that may be learned through an education in transportation engineering. Students who complete courses in this field may have the chance to join several excellent careers, such as airport engineer, highway engineer and railroad engineer.

Ministry of education often oversees the education in Bulgaria. The students who pursue higher education in the university often get a certain percentage of the government sponsorship to enable them successfully complete their studies.

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Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Technical University of Varna
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

Departments - Materials Science and Technology - Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology - Industrial Design - Automotive Engineering and Technologies - Technical Mechanics - Economics and managment [+]

Best Masters in Transportation Engineering in Bulgaria 2017. Departments Materials Science and Technology The Department of Materials Science and Technology (MST) is a department in the structure of the Technical University of Varna. It was established in the first academic year (1963-64) of the Higher Technical School which had been restored in 1962. The Department of Materials Science and Technology is the leading department for the training in the following majors: Mechanical Engineering and Technology - Bachelor’s Degree, Equipment and Instalations in Chemical, Oil and Gas Industry – Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering and Technology – Master’s Degree, Chemical Engineering – Master’s Degree, Technology Machinery and Welding Systems – Master’s Degree, Materials Science and Technology of Mechanical Engineering Materials - Doctoral (PhD) Degree, cipher 02/01/02 Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology The Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology Department (MEMTT) was established with the founding of the Technical University of Varna (then the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute-Varna) in 1969. It lays the foundations of the general engineering department at the University. The first Head of the Department was Senior Lecturer Jordan Pashov. At present, the main functions of the MEMTT Department are associated with training students majoring in "Mechanical Engineering and Technologies" and "Computerized Technologies in Mechanical Engineering", as well as providing training courses for other majors such as: Automotive Engineering and Technologies (AET); Mechanical and Precision Engineering (MPE), Chemical Engineering (CE), Automation, Information and Control Engineering (AICE), Ship Machines and Mechanisms (SMM), Shipbuilding (S), Industrial Management (IM) and others. Industrial Design Career. Engineer - designer with specialty "Industrial Design" and "Bachelor" or "Master" degree receive training to perform highly qualified designer, creative, executive and managerial activities in the field of: Industrial design, electrical and electronic industry products, household and industrial products, household appliances design, graphic design, advertising, interior and exterior design, artistic design. In these areas of professional activity "Bachelors" and "Masters" in specialty "Industrial Design" should apply technological, economic, environmentally friendly and ergonomic design approaches and methods. Automotive Engineering and Technologies Automotive Engineering and technology (internal combustion engines and automobiles) has Bachelor and Master’s Degrees and belongs to the professional branch of Engineering and Technology specializing Transport, Shipping and Aviation. AET specialty training has come to existence since 1963. It is a successor of the specialty Internal Combustion Engines in which students were trained up to 1993 in the Department of Internal Combustion Engines. The educational objectives of specialty Transport Engineering in BA and MA degrees are associated with training highly qualified and wide-ranging specialists with higher education having opportunities in almost all fields of modern engineering and transport industry: engine building, automobile construction, operation and maintenance of transport equipment, organization and management of transport, ecology, and research, development and design activities in companies, research institutes and other scientific units. AET Department is part of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. The department consists of 10 full-time lecturers, 3 guest lecturers, 4 full- time Ph.D, one technical assistant and two mechanics Technical Mechanics The department of Technical mechanics provides fundamental education and training in the fields of: „Theoretical mechanics”, „Mechanics”, „Technical mechanics”, „Mechanics of materials”, “Strength of Materials”„Theory of mechanisms and machines”. Lectures and tutorials are delivered for students of the following major programs: „Machine engineering”, „Electrotechnics, electronics, automatics”, „Transport, marine transport and aviation”, „Energetics and Power engineering” and others. The research and international collaboration are related to the scientific fields as follows: Dynamics of mechanical systems, Continuum mechanics, Robotics and mechatronics, Oscilations theory, Vibrodiagnostics, etc. The department has been established with the foundation of the University. Economics and managment The Department of Economics and Management is part of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Ecology at the Technical University of Varna together with the departments of Navigation, Management of Transport and Preservation of Waterways’ Purity; Ecology and Environmental Protection and Physics. It is responsible for the training of all university students in the subject areas of economics and management. Since 1991, it has offered training in Industrial Management Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and in 2011 a new Bachelor’s programme in Technological Innovations and Entrepreneurship was launched. [-]