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A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

The program lay the groundwork for career opportunities such as curator, exhibition producer or project supervisor within the cultural field. In Addition, it provides superb opportunities for creating networks having a direct bearing to the student’s future professional career.

Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the western most point of Eurasia, Europe is usually divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas.

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Master In Specific Teaching In The Classroom, Museums And Natural Areas

UAM Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Campus Full time Part time 2 semesters September 2017 Spain Madrid + 1 more

Professional output of this master is twofold: in a sense technicians to develop their educational work in the fields museum and environmental manner, and another introduces Professor of formal education in these environments to overcome the bookish education so typical of education today . [+]

Masters in Curating in Europe 2017. Competencies Assess and defend respect for fundamental rights and equality between men and women, and to promote social and educational integration of the disabled. Promote the defense of human rights and democratic principles and respect for cultural diversity. Promote respect for the environment and sustainability as a basic component of any proposed social and educational intervention. Being able to detect problems of social and scientific relevance and issue considered judgments about them, as well as hypotheses, solve problems and build and defend arguments. Being able to collaborate in teams and lead them, as well as designing and managing research programs and educational intervention. Being able to express themselves correctly in the mother tongue, both orally and in writing. Being able to read in the most frequent among the scientific community vehicular languages ​​and communicate with correction in any of them. Know and use expertly the information and communications technology often used between the academic and scientific community. Know and apply the ethical criteria governing the academic and scientific activity Specific skills Knowledge Knowing the epistemological foundations of the specific teaching, as areas of knowledge with double profile professional and researcher. Understand and analyze the theoretical developments and lines of fundamental research in specific teaching Understand and evaluate research methodologies in specific teaching that can be applied in the design of teaching and learning strategies in the classroom and in non-formal contexts (museums, natural areas and others) Knowing the potential of ICT as teaching and... [-]

Master's Degree In Rehabilitation And Restoration Of Heritage

laSalle Barcelona Postgraduate
Campus Full time September 2017 Spain Barcelona

The University Rehabilitation Master and Heritage Restoration (MGICR) trains professionals in the field of rehabilitation and restoration with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge in aspects of diagnosis, intervention techniques or knowledge of injuries items construction of traditional systems. [+]

The Master Rehabilitation and Restoration of Heritage (MGICR) professionals in the field of rehabilitation and restoration with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge in aspects of diagnosis, intervention techniques or knowledge of the injuries of the constructive elements of traditional systems form. The program also responds to the current demand from the construction to have a professional with the ability to develop, with guarantees, management building process industry from a holistic perspective and with the particular focus of each of their specialties offer. The Master is the 4th best in Spain for Real State Management sector according Eduniversal Ranking. What do you prepare? Train professionals in the field of rehabilitation and restoration professionals with a high level of theoretical knowledge - practical aspects of diagnosis, intervention techniques, knowledge of the injuries of the constructive elements of traditional systems: ceilings (ceramic , wood, concrete, aluminous cement, steel) vertical elements and foundations. Form in legislative and regulatory aspects of intervention in heritage buildings and awareness on the values ​​of heritage protection. To whom it May concern? Senior Architects and Technicians, Engineers, Senior Industrial and technicians who want to extend the knowledge acquired in the training areas of their careers, in the context of the overall management of the building process and from an eminently practical and business perspective power transmission of accumulated experience, through a specialized teacher. Students who complete the Master in Integral Construction Management They will have the necessary skills to enter the world of work, in any... [-]

Contemporary Art Conservation - First Level Master

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice
Campus Full time 12 months March 2018 Italy Venice

The theme of the Contemporary Art Conservation is a crucial issue, now at the center of ongoing debates and controversies. The variety and originality of materials used, the ephemeral and the perishable nature of some works, the use of new media and to end the immateriality of some performances and happenings mean that it is a field in constant and rapid development in which specialists are lacking professionals who can deal with this enormous and priceless heritage. From this starting point and individual specificities of the two sites, Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli - IED Como and the European Institute of Design in Venice have formed a partnership that offers an ambitious project of Higher Education: Masters in Contemporary Art Conservation, a program centered on the theme of conservation of contemporary works of art and restoration of the materials used in its production. [+]

Masters in Curating in Europe 2017. THIS PROGRAM 'TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Who is The course is aimed at those who wish to acquire a theoretical and practical specific part of the contemporary conservation, both at work preserving level of work on it. While representing an asset, previous studies in fine arts academies and schools of restoration are not a prerequisite to be able to access the course. Structure and Methodology The goal of the Master in Contemporary Art Conservation is to outline a methodologically address to critically address the existing problems in the conservation field, including whether, how and when to intervene on the work. Organized in modules, the course is divided into two parts, held at the premises of Venice and Como, which will offer a unique opportunity to study and investigation by the intervention of professionals-teachers working in the field and the opportunity to visit and get to know museums and institutions of the most important in the world. Will be held at Venice IED courses related to the field of conservation, analyzing, after a historic-artistic introductory session, the critical issues and issues related to equipment, handling and preventive conservation of contemporary works of art. They will also address issues related to them, in order to develop specific skills related to the production of economic value, as an assistant to the cultural and symbolic typical of works of art. At the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli - IED Como, it will be carried out the study related... [-]

Master in Curatorial Practice

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice
Campus Full time 12 months March 2018 Italy Venice

The Master in Curatorial Practice promoted by IED Venice is a program dealing in a complete and pragmatic way with the exhibition design direction and management related to the art field and beyond, training professionals ready to enter with full rights the art industry. [+]

Target This study path is designed for post-graduate students coming from all over the world who want to specialize professionally in the curatorial sector, including museums, galleries, fairs or for auction houses. Previous study in the field of Arts and Management are desirable, but not essential. Methodology and Structure The curriculum of the course consists of surveys of modern and international contemporary art, as well as close consideration of visual arts institutions and practices, training in exhibition organization and public programs in museums and not-for-profit galleries, commissioning, writing, publishing and commercial gallery activity. The teaching combines lecture-based courses, self-initiated research, seminars, site visits, and collaborative work. It also involves the realization of a project in partnership with a national pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The duration of the Masters program is divided as follows: seven months of lectures, lab activities, museum and gallery visits, integrated with individual study, project development and three months dedicated to the elaboration of a final Thesis Project that can be undertaken alone or in a group. The Masters program has a very pragmatic approach, providing students with methodology and a step-by-step path that will lead to the realization of an exhibition project. For that reason its structure is divided into 3 main parts: - AREA 1_THEORY The first part provides students with solid introduction to the history of post-WW2 modern and contemporary art, and a critical analysis of recent trends. The history of exhibitions is analyzed in the light of museology, leading to a consideration... [-]

Master's Degree In Pathology, Expert Opinion And Sustainable Rehabilitation Of Heritage

Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)
Campus Full time 9 months September 2017 Spain Alcobendas Madrid China Shanghai USA San Diego Irvine Valencia Tenerife Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) Spain Online Las Palmas + 11 more

The Graduate School of the European University, offers an innovative training in the areas of Architecture and Building, Civil, Industrial, Aerospace and ICT. [+]

Masters in Curating in Europe 2017. Masters of the art in Spain The Graduate School of the European University, offers an innovative training in the areas of Architecture and Building, Civil, Industrial, Aerospace and ICT. Our qualifications are focused on the student receives an international training, where the company is actively involved in the development of content and professional practices. Masters of Architecture Area The construction sector (Architecture, Building and Engineering) is living in these years worldwide a crisis and rapid changes required at the same time, a number of opportunities and professional challenges they will have to deal these changes. Consider issues such as the global market, internationality, multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism, integration, new technologies, diversity management, change management, etc., is becoming more necessary and required. WHY STUDY IN THE EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY The rate of employability of our graduates is much higher than those of the current job market: "95% of our students find employment in the first year after completing their studies," in places like Mary Angeles Sánchez Ortega, Head in Central Region IDOM. We have agreements with more than 3,500 companies to offer more internship to our students and our graduates employment. leading companies in their sectors such as Acciona, Movistar, BMW Ibérica, Vodafone, Sony Spain, Bp Oil, Iveco Spain, Airbus Spain, Endesa, Ferrovial, Sacyr, etc. We provide a comprehensive, international university education, designed to help students adjust to the workplace and personal development. Our fundamental principle is academic quality, which reinforced with practical classes and use the latest... [-]

Master in Curation

Norwich University of the Arts
Campus Full time August 2017 United Kingdom Norwich

Curation is a process of mediation and creative thinking and this course will provide a direct experience of developing and managing this practice [+]

MA Curation

Curation is a process of mediation and creative thinking and this course will provide a direct experience of developing and managing this practice.

This MA is distinctive in that it will appeal to applicants who are creative practitioners and historians of art, design and media as well as those from a humanities or even a science background, who have interests in communicating visually through traditional and alternative spaces.

The course team views curation in its widest sense, and will support you in bringing together objects, still and moving images and/or texts into a coherent, contextualised and critical whole.

The exhibition may encompass a range of public outcomes across the areas of art, design and media, from gallery-based displays to film programmes, from public art to open access archives.... [-]