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Art Studies

A master’s degree is one of the highest honors in education. This degree is awarded to students after rigorous, full-time study for one to two years. Once a master’s degree is achieved, students are sometimes able to secure better positions in their field.

What is a Master in Arts in Brazil? The arts include different aspects of visual art and performing art. Students interested in this subject can take many types of classes, or they may specialize in one kind of art medium. Within the visual art spectrum, students typically learn about the various outlets for visual expression. Some of the classes that could be taken are drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture or film. Students who are more drawn to the performance art piece study the many ways of creating art on stage. This specialization includes classes such as music, dance and theater. In both types of art, students create representations of feelings or ideas to share with others, either visually or through performance.

Once a master’s degree program in the arts is finished, students may have an impressive portfolio of art pieces to share with the world. This program can also help students explore their creativity and develop greater tools for expression.

The cost for a master’s degree program in Brazil could possibly be free if you’re planning to attend a public university. For private institutions, costs may range as locations and programs vary.

Once your degree program is finished, you must decide which career path you’d like to take. If your focus in coursework was on the visual arts, then your employment may be related to that field. Some possible careers could be artist, art teacher, fashion designer, art gallery curator or graphic designer. Individuals who had a focus on the performing arts in their degree may find careers related to performance. These career choices could include musician, dancer, actor, teacher or theater owner.

If you want to begin your educational journey, online classes can be an easy way to get started. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Graduate In Digital Projects

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro
Campus Part time 400 hours March 2018 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

A graduate in Digital Project aims to encourage students to develop projects for digital media, including its limits and possibilities. [+]

Best Masters in Art Studies in Brazil 2017/2018. THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught A graduate in Digital projects It aims to enable the student to develop projects for digital media, including its limits and possibilities. 2nd Panel of Digital Projects Home: March Lessons: Monday and Wednesday - 19h30 to 22h30 Hours: 400 hours Portuguese language Description and Objectives: A graduate in Digital Project aims to encourage students to develop projects for digital media, including its limits and possibilities. During the course the student develops a series of exercises and projects that puts you in touch with ideas, methods and tools that promote innovative and creative results. Grounded in practice and collaboration as the primary means for understanding concepts and the absorption of content, this graduate aims to enable the student to participate in multidisciplinary teams to develop complex projects. Target Audience: Professionals in the areas of design, information technology and other stakeholders in the design and development projects for digital media, such as websites, applications, games, interactive exhibits. Course topics: - Design; - Programming; - Design methodologies; - Visual arts; - Data visualization; - Infographics; - Creativity and innovation. * The IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if they do not get a quorum. Coordinator: Peter Segreto Peter Segreto is director of Chaos! Video & Design studio that develops graphics and digital projects for cultural and corporate markets. Degree in architecture from FAU-UFRJ and master of design from PUC-RJ, where he developed the thesis "Microcinema -... [-]