Master's Degree in Architecture in United Arab Emirates

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A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.

In order for the structure and behavior of a new structure to meet technical and aesthetic specifications, the imput of knowledgeable individuals in architecture is needed. This involves creating drawings, taking measurements and occasionally mediating compromises.

The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is an Arab country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran.

Top Master Programs in Architecture in United Arab Emirates 2017

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Master in Urban and Regional Planning

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
Campus Full time 18 months February 2018 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi

The professional Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning is spread over 3 semesters, and encompasses all areas involved in urban planning and local development. [+]

Best Masters in Architecture in United Arab Emirates 2017. OVERVIEW The 18-month Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning is designed for students to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills required for jobs as a professional planner. A habitable modern city is only successful if its different components are efficiently integrated and the residents and citizens benefit economically and socially leading to an improved quality of life. Regional and Urban Planners strategically link the complex components of cities and regions including budget, legalities, availability of infrastructure and land and visual appeal. Through intelligent planning, they create plans to build and organically grow dynamic and functional public spaces for small and large populations. Planners work alongside engineers, architects, law enforcement agencies, environmental consultants, legal advisors to create vibrant and sustainable cities and regions. International recognition Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi provides the combined experience of three globally renowned French universities including Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris-Descartes University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. This rich heritage of joint excellence is now available in Abu Dhabi under the Ministry of Education and is recognised worldwide. STRUCTURE The degree in Urban & Regional Planning is taught in English and covers a total of three semesters across eighteen months, starting in September. The course schedule is carefully designed to accommodate working professionals by arranging classes over short periods, including weekends, in consideration of students who intend to combine their studies with work and working professionals. [-]

Master of Architecture and Urban Studies

Ajman University
Campus Full time August 2017 United Arab Emirates Ajman

The mission of the program is to provide the community with qualified architects who can deal with the complex issues of the urban environment and cities. [+]

The mission of the program is to provide the community with qualified architects who can deal with the complex issues of the urban environment and cities. Objectives The objectives of the Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Studies are to: Enable graduates to evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of real-world design proposals for buildings and urban environments. Provide students with advanced skills and knowledge to manage and supervise the development and implementation of design and intervention proposals related to the urban environment. Provide in-depth knowledge of the main subject areas of the urban environment regarding the relationships between built form, space, culture, developmental processes and sustainability in its wide-ranging facets. Offer the ability to carry out independent study and research. Career Opportunities Graduates of the MSc. Program can work as designers and construction managers, decision makers for city planning, community agencies or governmental authorities. Graduates can also pursue their studies to gain PhD degree and join academic institutions. Graduation Requirements To be qualified for graduation, the student must: Complete the core and elective courses with at least a CGPA of 3.03.0. Pass the thesis examination with a minimum of 80 percent (B grade). Obtain an overall CGPA (thesis and courses) of at least 3.0 out of 4.0. [-]