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Obtaining a master’s degree is an excellent way to exhibit the skills necessary to succeed in a competitive field. This type of educations shows a high degree of commitment to a profession and a certain level of personal competence.

What is a Master in Algorithms? This is a degree that can prepare students for a career in computer sciences and artificial intelligence. There are applications for this learning in logic, linguistics, cognitive science, and more. The coursework tends to cover in-depth explanations of the functions of computer programs and the underlying principles of coding languages and software development.

This type of degree typically helps students to refine their process of logical reasoning as well as their critical-thinking skills. Students can also learn to effectively solve problems. These skills can come in particularly useful in any technology-based field.

Tuition fees can vary among schools and locations due to differences in program length, type of institute and other factors. If a student chooses to study abroad, lodging costs should also be considered. Prospective students are advised to research the costs involved with this degree at the schools they prefer.

Earning a Master in Algorithms can help an individual pursue a career in many rewarding fields. Software engineers are in demand at gaming companies and other software firms, robotics companies, analytics companies, and more. Wireless communications providers need system engineers, and programmers and scientists are needed in a variety of technological settings. This type of education is highly sought after in many fields that deal with computer programming and artificial intelligence.

There are schools throughout the world offering a Master in Algorithms. There may also be online options for distance learning. Typically, these programs take about two years to complete. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Master in Bioinformatics

St. Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy Of Sciences
Campus Full time 4 semesters September 2018 Russia St. Petersburg

In algorithmic biology laboratory headed by Professor Pavel Pevzner, University of California opened a specialized master's program in algorithmic bioinformatics [+]

Graduate - Algorithmic Bioinformatics

In algorithmic biology laboratory headed by Professor Pavel Pevzner, University of California opened a specialized master's program at the algorithmic bionformatike. Training includes in-depth courses on algorithms and data structures used for the analysis of large data sets, which are obtained by means of modern biotechnological methods.Also included in the training programming, discrete mathematics, the foundations of molecular biology, statistics, machine learning and other more specialized subjects. A detailed program of training is available on the following page. As a research student under the direction of the laboratory staff involved in solving real problems of bioinformatics.This is the development of algorithms and software systems for the assembly of genomic sequences (de novo genome sequence assembly), as well as theoretical and practical problems in computational proteomics and mass spectrometry. The program is designed to produce high-quality specialists in bioinformatics algorithmic questions, popular both in science and in industry.... [-]