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A master’s degree is a graduate degree that is taken after a student finishes his or her undergraduate education. Generally, students choose to get this degree when they want to become an expert in their field or when they would like better job opportunities.

What is a Master in Aircraft Maintenance? A Master in Aircraft Maintenance is a degree that is offered to those students who seek to enter the aviation industry, specifically the civil aviation sector. This goes for all commercial and personal airlines. This degree is usually designed to pave the way for students to become managers in a variety of aviation management programs. Students will often be taught an analytical and practical approach so that they can meet all of the challenges of aviation maintenance, such as following regulations, executing inspections, making repairs, and working in a stressful and fast-pace environment.

When students finish their degree in aviation maintenance, they usually will have been taught to rise to challenges. In addition, they may learn to analyze properly and use their critical thinking skills to work in the industry. They also tend to be given leadership skills to help them to take charge.

There are no set costs when it comes to attaining a master’s degree. This varies on where students are located and what school they choose. When deciding on a school, it’s important for students to check the price before committing.

When it comes to becoming a master of aircraft maintenance, there are a lot of jobs that may open up. The master’s degree is most often used for career advancement, but graduates entering the field can try for a job as a manager of aviation maintenance or as an educator. The manager of aviation management would oversee the teams who maintain the aircraft. As an educator, graduates are able to teach others about safety and maintenance protocol involving aircrafts.

As technology advances, many students choose to take their courses online. For those seeking a Master in Aircraft Maintenance, online classes may be available, as well as classes in local universities. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

3 Results in Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance Program (B1.1)

Georgian Aviation University
Campus Full-time 2 years August 2019 Georgia Tbilisi

Launched in October 2017, Georgian Aviation University initiates new vocational study programs in “Flight Exploitation of Aircraft (Commercial pilot of a helicopter)“; “Aircraft Maintenance (B1.1)” and “Aircraft Maintenance (B.2).

Post-Master Degree Aeronautical Operations & Maintenance

Campus Full-time 1 - 1 year September 2019 France Paris

The modern air transport industry needs engineers who have more than the traditional technical skills. The airlines need to ensure global security at an affordable cost. Their Engineers need a global view of the legal and economic environment as well as an in-depth understanding of operation and maintenance processes in order to cope with growing international competition and a complex regulatory framework.

Master in Management and Aeronautical Maintenance Technology

Campus Part-time 2 years November 2019 Portugal Barcarena

The 2nd cycle of studies in Management and Aeronautical Maintenance Technologies of Atlântica is a course that aims to respond to the needs of the current job market and aims to train professionals with advanced skills and knowledge in aeronautics, or related areas, essential to the exercise of Engineering activities in a growing industry in Portugal.