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A master’s degree is a unit of study that typically takes one to two years to obtain. Students are able to build on skills, knowledge and experience in their chosen areas of study to advance careers and compete for higher paying jobs.

What is a Master in Aeronautical Engineering? The goal of these programs is to build on essential conceptual, research and analytical skills for problem solving and working with peers in engineering fields. Course studies may include aerospace navigation and technology, satellite design, advanced computational methods, aeronautical propulsion and basic engineering tasks. Students may wish to combine a program with additional tracks in related subjects or continue on to pursue a PhD program.

Completing a program in aeronautical engineering can offer many benefits and open the door to a wide variety of potential career opportunities. Efficient communication, proper application of theoretical skills and exposure to global engineering environments can all help prepare students to compete for more rewarding positions in their field.

The cost of taking a program may vary depending upon school location and selected courses. Students interested in a program should contact its institution with questions about costs and additional requirements.

Achieving a degree in aeronautical engineering can help students secure a wide variety of fulfilling positions. Potential aeronautical and aerospace opportunities include consulting engineers, systems engineers, manufacturing engineers, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer hardware engineers, architectural managers, airline operators and teachers. Many engineers find jobs within relevant industries such as the federal government, military, aerospace product manufacturers, colleges and universities, research organizations and consulting agencies.

Continuing education can understandably be a challenge to balance at times. Courses are offered internationally with full-time and part-time options to accommodate all kinds of students. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

4 Results in Aeronautical Engineering

Master in Aeronautical Management

International Graduate Center - Hochschule Bremen
Campus Full-time 2 semesters October 2019 Germany Bremen

The master program Aeronautical Management provides an interdisciplinary insight into the aviation systems, i. e. airlines, maintenance facilities, and legislation authorities. Applicants have to be graduates of bachelor study programs in aviation systems.

Master in Aeronautics & Space Science and Technology

Beijing Institute Of Technology
Campus Full-time September 2019 China Beijing

The aerospace engineering program is acknowledged to be among the top leading programs in aerospace engineering in China.

Master Programme in Aeronautical Engineering

Campus Full-time 2 - 5 years September 2019 France Paris

Reduction in the weight of aircraft, reduction in polluting emissions, increase in aircraft capacity, development and integration of electrical commands: innovation is constant in the aeronautical sector, to reconcile economic and technical performance, in complete security. Being an engineer in aeronautics means working on the design and operation of aircraft (aeroplanes, helicopters, balloons), and embedded systems.

Post-Master Degree Aeronautical Operations & Maintenance

Campus Full-time 1 - 1 year September 2019 France Paris

The modern air transport industry needs engineers who have more than the traditional technical skills. The airlines need to ensure global security at an affordable cost. Their Engineers need a global view of the legal and economic environment as well as an in-depth understanding of operation and maintenance processes in order to cope with growing international competition and a complex regulatory framework.