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Abrahamic Studies

Often, students who have effectively earned a bachelor’s degree decide to work toward the attainment of a master’s degree, which is an advanced academic achievement awarded to those who successfully complete about two or three years of intensive coursework related to a particular discipline.

Just what is a Master in Abrahamic Studies? This course of study involves close review and study of Christianity, Judaism and Islam as well as the religions’ basic tenets, cultural considerations and theologies. Emphasis is often given to areas such as foreign languages, cultures within Abrahamic communities, religious beliefs and practices and how followers of these religions contribute to the communities and organizations around them.

Generally, those who obtain master’s degrees are able to earn more money than those in the field with only undergraduate Abrahamic studies degrees. They are also typically more employable than those without degrees, or those with lesser academic degrees.

Strong variation exists from one program and country to the next in terms of the cost of obtaining a Master in Abrahamic studies. Prospective students are advised to consult with the admissions office of each school they are considering applying to for tuition costs.

Graduates of Abrahamic studies programs find employment in a number of areas. Many go on to work within charitable or nonprofit organizations with religious ties. Others perform missionary work in areas all across the globe. Some graduates choose to teach Abrahamic studies or a related subject in an academic setting, such as a high school or college, while others teach the subject matter at a religious institution.

Many Abrahamic studies programs are offered online by quality schools around the globe, and the database is a great way to start connecting with schools and programs of interest. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Jewish Education (MJEd)

Hebrew College
Online Full time Part time 4 - 6 semesters September 2018 USA Newton Center + 1 more

A passion for Jewish education. A commitment to teach students of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and abilities. A desire to strengthen Jewish community. [+]

Masters in Abrahamic Studies. Master of Jewish Education (MJEd) A passion for Jewish education. A commitment to teach students of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and abilities. A desire to strengthen Jewish community. These are the qualities that define graduates of Hebrew College’s Master of Jewish Education degree program. Building on Hebrew College’s long-standing tradition of training outstanding Jewish educators, the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines best educational practices, a solid grounding in Jewish texts, supervised field experience and opportunities to specialize in an area of concentration. Students for the Master of Jewish Education may complete coursework entirely online or, if you live within commuting distance of Hebrew College, as a combination of on-campus and online study. Hebrew College also offers the MJEd in conjunction with a Bachelor of Jewish Education or a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies, as well as in conjunction with rabbinical or cantorial ordination. Create a Program of Study That Works for You Whether you are new to the profession or a Jewish educator who wants to move ahead in your career, you will be able to create a program of study that meets your unique interests. The MJEd may be completed as a stand-alone degree or with a specialization in Early Childhood Jewish Education, Jewish Experiential Education, Jewish Special Education, or Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement. (The specialization in Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement will require a one-week summer residential seminar.) This 36-credit degree, which includes two supervised field experiences, may... [-]