Master's Degree in Web Engineering


Program Description

Master course designed for training engineers on Web development and Web technologies.

This is an official master of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) lasting two years. The subjects of this course are mainly focused on laboratory work and are given one after the other, rather than being taught in parallel as the undergraduate courses.

Based on the number of ECTS(European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) assigned to a subject, it may last between one and three weeks (including evaluation) before the next subject begins. This approach allows a greater degree of specialization of the studies.

One Master, two Specializations

This dual master has two specializations for which the student can choose:

  • Professional, leading to the degree of Master in Web Engineering specialized in the professional development of web applications for the enterprise, based on fully tested web technologies.
  • Research, leading to the degree of Master in Web Engineering, as well as Ph. D. degree in Computer Science (in the case of successfully completing a Doctoral Thesis), specialized in research and development of new Web technologies.

Both specializations share 65 ECTS in common courses.

The Professional specialization has 15 ECTS distributed in specific subjects and their students must also do Business Practices (6 ECTS).

The Research specialization has 17,5 ECTS distributed in specific subjects and their students are required to publish the results of their research (being helped and guided by a tutor) in a scientific journal.

One of the most important aspects of the Master's Degree is that it is an official post-graduate qualification under the recent European Higher Education Area (EHEA) regulations. It is one of the first six official Master's Degrees approved by the University of Oviedo, and it began in the academic year 2006-2007.

Representative scheme of the new degrees in the European Higher Education Area: Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctor.

What does this mean? It means that, in contrast to the Master's Degrees so far available in Spain, private or part of the universities' own degrees, with no "official" recognition, these new Master's Degrees provide the students with an official degree, as established by the Royal Decree 56/2005 (BOE dated 25 January, 2005), which regulates official postgraduate university studies in Spain.

In other words, while so far in Spain the only official university degrees were those obtained after completing a university course (Engineer, Technical Engineer, Graduate, Architect, etc.) or Doctor, after doing a doctorate and defending the doctoral thesis, a new official postgraduate degree is now introduced between those two: the Master's Degree, much more focused on the acquisition of professional skills than the current second-cycle studies.

But, in addition, our Master's Degree is offered with a mixed professional-research character, which means that, during their second year, students can choose between one or the other specialty. If they choose the research specialty, the Master's Degree will be considered as Doctorate studies, enabling the students to carry out their doctoral thesis and thus obtain their Doctorate degree.


The master has a total of 120 ECTS.

15 ECTS are distributed in core subjects, 50 ECTS are included in compulsory courses.

Professional specialization requires 15 ECTS of subjects in a specialization module plus 6 ECTS of business practices while specialization in Research requires specific courses of 17.5 ECTS.

Finally, to obtain the degree the student must develop a final master project equivalent to 22 ECTS.

First Year

First Semester

Second Semester

Second Year

First Semester

Second Semester


Access Requirements

Accessing these studies requires holding a university degree including professional experience in Computer Science. Such kind of academic degrees include (but are not restricted to):

  • Degree in Software Engineering.
  • Degree in Computer Engineering in Information Technology.
  • Engineering degree in Computer Management.
  • Engineering degree in Computer Systems.
  • Engineering degree in Computer Science.

The admission of foreign students is regulated by Royal Decree 309/2005 (Official Gazette of March 19, 2005).

Double Degree with the University of South Florida

The University has an itinerary for obtaining the double degree in Master in Web Engineering of the University of Oviedo and Master in Computer Science of University of South Florida (USF), with a duration of five semesters.

The agreement consists of the assimilation of subjects through automatic recognition of four of the MIW and the joint realization of the End of Master's Degree Project / Master Thesis. Three semesters should be taken at the University of Oviedo and two more in University of South Florida.

Admission requirements in the Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering of USF are:

  • Obtaining the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) title.
  • Passing the General GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) test.
  • A score greater or equal to 8 in four of the assimilable subjects of the MIW.
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