Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Development


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Program Description

The Executive Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Development at the school is the benchmark in Spain with two decades of experience accumulated in its full-time version and twelve years in its Executive version.

The planners graduating from the MUOT stand out due to their multi-disciplinary perspective while demonstrating an excellent preparation for meeting the challenges raised by today's cities. A further noteworthy characteristic is their success in the labor market and the occupation of high-level posts in institutions and companies related to the management of urban development projects and the future of the city.

Here you are presented with an excellent opportunity for qualification in a field with an increasing demand for qualified personnel, not forgetting the opportunity of internships at leading companies in the field.

Access Profile

There are a variety of options for career development covering a range of profiles and preferences.

As a result of their multi-disciplinary education and training, students come from a range of backgrounds in businesses in a number of industries. The study profile of our graduates is in engineering, economics, law, surveying, and business.


The program consists of 21 obligatory subjects + voluntary and complementary ones.

1. Legal area

  • Administrative Law
  • Planning Law
  • Comparative Autonomous Region Planning Laws
  • Planning Permits
  • Planning Discipline
  • Registration Law
  • Sector Law
  • Taxation
  • Practice of Administrative Law
  • Building Law and Regulations

2. Technical-economic area

  • Urban and Regional Strategies
  • Development Assessments
  • Development Finance
  • Analysis and Viability of Projects
  • Due Diligence.
  • Legal Framework for Construction

3. Sustainability area

  • Environmental Law
  • Assessment of Environmental Impact

4. Workshop exercise area

  • End of Master's Degree Thesis/Planning Workshop
  • Compensation Workshop
  • Compulsory Purchase Workshop
  • Workshop on Redistribution of Plots

5. Internship (Voluntary)

  • Voluntary internship either with a company and/or a public administration body

6. Voluntary complementary training elements

  • Management Skills (Negotiating, Team working, presentations, decision-making), decision-making tools

7. Complementary Program

  • CCL, Program Leadership Essentials


The variety of professional development options, suitable for different profiles and preferences, stands out in this program. Thanks to the value of multidisciplinary training, our students are in high demand from companies and institutions of very diverse character working around the city.

Professional Outings

  • Building and property companies
  • Professional offices
  • Land brokers
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Public authorities
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Architecture practices
  • Property developers
  • Expansion and land departments
  • Tourism authorities

Enrollment Procedure

  • Application for admission + documentation
  • Admission test
  • Personal interview
  • Admissions Committee

Application for admission + documentation:
Complete an application form accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of National Identity Card/Foreigners Identity Card/Tax Identification Number (DNI/NIE/NIF) or Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University degree certificate and academic record
  • One photograph

Admission test:
The Admission Test consists of a set of multiple-choice questions in which numerical agility, verbal agility, and text compression are assessed. This test can be done in person at our facilities or online.

Personal interview:
In the personal interview, the candidate's personal and professional objectives are discussed, as well as their suitability for the program.

Admissions Committee:
The admissions committee will make an assessment and inform the candidate in writing of the admission result within two weeks.

Last updated Dec 2019

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