Master's Degree in Sociocultural Analysis of Knowledge and Communication


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Program Description

  • Type of education: Face-to-face.
  • Number of new entry places offered: 40
  • Total credits: 60
  • Languages taught: Spanish.
  • Guide price: € 45.02 per credit.
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The Master's Degree in Sociocultural Analysis of Knowledge and Communication is a postgraduate degree promoted by the departments of Sociology V (Sociological Theory) -currently Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory- of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, and Journalism III (General Information Theory) -currently Department of Journalism and New Media- of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid . This Master involves the adaptation to Royal Decree 1393/2007 of the postgraduate degree of Master in Sociocultural Analysis of Communication and Knowledge that has been taught in both Faculties since the 2008-2009 academic year.

Academic year 2020-21

Course 1

Code Subject Character Credits Offered
603589 Visual Culture Analysis Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603584 Semiotic Analysis of Texts and Cultural Processes Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603588 Communication and Intercultural Conflict Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603582 Knowledge, Science and Culture Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603586 Cultural Criticism: Genesis and Borders Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603592 Digital Cultural and Technoscience Optional 4.5 Yes
603587 Body and Gender Cultures Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603581 Public Space and Mass Culture Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603590 Lifestyles and Consumption Optional 4.5 Yes
603583 Identity, Culture and Communication Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603591 Digital Media and New Textualities Optional 4.5 Yes
603585 Methodology Applied to Sociocultural Research Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603580 Information Society: Globalization, Flows and Networks Mandatory 4.5 Yes
603595 Final Master's Project (Sociocultural Analysis of Knowledge and Communication) End of Master's Project 6.0 Yes


Provide graduates with the necessary skills to analyze and investigate from a sociocultural perspective in the different fields of communication and knowledge in contemporary societies, both in the empirical analysis of the multiple spaces of production, management or dissemination of communication and knowledge, as much in the theoretical or academic analyzes of these areas.

In order to achieve this objective and on the main, but not exclusive, basis of Sociology and Semiotics, an attempt is made to provide students with a solid knowledge of the social and cultural phenomena that constitute contemporary spaces of communication and knowledge and are taught to identify, define, propose and solve the main research problems that have been arising in these spaces.


The specific profile of admission to the University Master's Degree will be that of having a previous documented training in Social Sciences, with special consideration of that accredited in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology and Information and Communication Sciences.

Why study this master?

Professional activities for which the degree qualifies: specialist in social and cultural studies, in communication studies, in sociocultural studies of knowledge and technoscience, in audiovisual discourses and contemporary cultural phenomena, in cultural mediation and educators in intercultural relations, in sociocultural information, in analysis of the information and knowledge society.

Admission requirements for masters

Non-enabling university masters

  • Be in possession of any of the following titles:
    • Spanish official university degree .
    • Title issued by an institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and empowering in the country of issue for access to Master's education.
    • Title of educational systems outside the EHEA that empowers in the country of issuance for access to Master's education, homologated or declared equivalent to the degree and academic level of Degree or Degree by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training . In case of lacking the mentioned homologation or equivalency, it will be necessary to have authorization or access permission granted by this University.
  • Or be carrying out during the course in which you pre-enroll studies leading to the obtaining of any of the previous degrees and be in a position to prove the obtaining of the same before September 30, 2020 .
  • In addition, students from foreign educational systems, whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, must prove level B2 of the Spanish language (or higher) .
  • Specific requirements that any of the requested masters may have. You can consult it by accessing the website of the Master itself.
Last updated Apr 2020

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