• Degree awarded: Master in Social Management
  • Training level: Master
  • Methodology: On-site
  • Duration of the program: 2 years
  • Credits: 50
  • Price for the venue: COP $ 5,175,000

Presentation of the program

SNIES 105197

Resolution Qualified Record No. 427 of 01/14/2016

Validity: 7 years

The Master's part of the experience that the Minute of God-OMD Organization has in the social part, and systematizes in some way, the social experience of Father Rafael Garcia Herreros -founder of the OMD-, who understood social management as the commitment to people and communities in the search for equity and social development.

Profile of the applicant

Have undergraduate training in any area, who may be performing tasks in different companies of the public, private or mixed sector as employees or managers or in independent organizations.

The candidate for the Master's program in Social Management must be a professional with sensitivity and awareness of social problems. It can come from the social sectors (call social organizations, Compensation Funds, Churches, community organizations, grassroots organizations, NGOs, and the solidarity sector), the public sector, the private company, (those business managers who want to be managers social) and civil society professionals in general.

Must possess skills in reading comprehension writer, reporting and ability to interact around the discipline of social management, must be able to analyze and interpret different realities of organizational, human and social order.

In general for Uniminuto aspirants, the following income characteristics are:

  • Have successfully completed and approved a professional undergraduate degree in any area of ​​knowledge.
  • Skills to listen and to dialogue, as well as to participate in the critical discussion.
  • Openness to the need to communicate what has been learned and team work.
  • Count on the genuine interest to learn and inter learn with others.
  • Clear interest in social management, the formulation of policies, programs and projects for social transformation.

Graduate profile

At the end of the program, students will be in capacity from each of the dimensions of:

Application dimension

- Make managerial decisions assuming ethical conduct, service vocation and social sensitivity.

- Lead social organizations from principles of sustainability and participation.

- Carry out negotiations with stakeholders for the achievement of organizational goals and social impact

- Promote mechanisms and strategies of organizational learning and promotion for citizen participation.

Social dimension

- Represent the organization in front of the interest groups promoting equality, equity and participation

- Raising and developing solutions that respond to social problems using innovation

Organizational dimension

- Identify and interpret environmental changes and their relationship with policies and priorities for human and institutional development

- Propose and evaluate the implementation of plans and projects mobilizing individual capacity and organization through empowerment, generation of networks and collaborative work

The entire training program is supported by an ethical component that is transversal to all the modules of the program, in order to demonstrate how the exercise of it, is a fundamental demand for the exercise of social management and is applicable to the integrality of the concept, that is to say from the formulation of the policy, the development of the management in the organizations and the application of the same from the action and the leadership.

Bearing in mind that the Master's program in Social Management has two emphases:

In addition, for students who perform the deepening emphasis, they will achieve the following competency:

· Design and implement instruments and tools for social intervention based on the principles of equity, participation and sustainability.

In the case of students who carry out the research emphasis, they will achieve the following competency:

· Conduct research projects that promote the implementation of innovative proposals for the solution of social problems.

Entry documents

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Attach a photocopy of the identity document (citizenship card, identity card, passport, corresponding visa, immigration card or the valid document that proves that it is in process).
  • Attach a photocopy of the Degree Certificate in the undergraduate program.
  • Attach labor certification or related experience, when the program for which you wish to register so requires.
  • Attach receipt of payment of registration fees.
  • The other requirements required by the Program to which you enter, which have been duly authorized.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 years
7,437,700 COP
Price for the headquarters.