Master's Degree in Smart Industry


Program Description

This combined Master's program is composed of the Master in Industrial Engineering (MII) and the Master in Smart Industry (MIC). It equips students with general industrial engineering skills while also offering a wide perspective of the new industrial context resulting from the digitalization of industry.

The program is designed so that students can develop the skills and abilities acquired on both degrees in two years: the increased workload, characteristics of a double-degree program, requires students to possess strong organizational, study and work-related skills. Throughout the program, students are constantly guided and supported by their lecturers and tutors.

Students who obtain the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering can register with the ICAI's National Engineers Association and work in the legally regulated profession of Industrial Engineering.


Two academic years. For this program, full-time commitment is highly recommended.

Both programs have morning and afternoon classes in order to complete the modules on both Master's degrees. Schedules compatible with internships.

Admission requirements

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Electromechanical Engineering from our Engineering School.
  • A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering for Industrial Technologies from other schools with a strong academic record.
  • Students holding an undergraduate degree equivalent to the above-mentioned programs can also apply, although they may be required to complete additional, preparatory courses.

Admission process

Criteria and Process for Admission:
With regard to the Committee that will carry out the admissions process for this Master´s Degree:

  • Admission is the responsibility of the Director of the ICAI School of Engineering, assisted by the Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions.
  • The Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions is composed of the Head of Studies of the Master´s Degree and the Academic Deputy Director. When necessary, advice will be sought from the Directors of the departments involved in the Master's Degree.

The application for admission must be submitted within the period indicated for that purpose, in a standardized form, and accompanied by all of the documents that prove compliance with the requirements for access to the Degree.

In the case of applicants who have not obtained their Bachelor´s Degree in our School, the student must submit a CV, a letter of intent and two letters of recommendation, along with the application form for admission and the aforementioned supporting documents. In this case, the Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions may request an interview with the applicant.

There is no specific entrance exam for the Degree; in any case, if the profile of the candidate does not meet the recommendations for access to the Degree, admission may require supplemental training courses prior to acceptance.

Criteria for Admission to the Degree:

  • Academic Transcript, which implicitly includes the suitability of the studies carried out previously and the prestige of the university of origin (80%)
  • Letters of Recommendation and, if applicable, optional Personal Interview by the candidate with those responsible for the Master's Degree
  • Other relevant information on the candidate's academic trajectory and professional career (10%)
  • Knowledge of the English language, accrediting at least a B2 European Level (10%). If applicants do not have this minimum level, they may not be admitted to the program.

If the student interested in joining the program has some type of physical disability, he/she may obtain information and personalized assistance available in the Social Work Unit. This University Service is in charge of developing, among other responsibilities, a Program of Attention for Students with Disabilities, with a Social Worker in charge of the actions to be implemented. Information on this program is accessible on the web page, where you can familiarize yourself with the resources and technical and social aid available to help you to participate fully in University life, depending on your specific needs.

The document "Entrance Exam Adaptation Request" is available there, on which you can specify your needs during the admissions process.

Students profile

Graduated students, or those holding a master's degree from Engineering schools, with knowledge on electronics and programming, excellent academic profile, and proficient English level (minimum C1). Candidates will also have to make an interview with the master coordinators.

Graduate's Profile

This degree program certifies students to enter the regulated Industrial Engineering profession, under the current legislation. [BOE].

The ICAI Master program in Industrial Engineering was designed to provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive education, by combining traditional engineering teaching with extensive leadership education in the international context with the development of professional and communication skills.

The addition of the Master in Smart Industry program will endow the graduate with a wide perspective of the possibilities for the new digital technologies in industrial processes.

In addition, this degree allows the student to join doctorate programs.

Career prospects

ICAI Industrial Engineers work in all production sectors of the national and international industry, taking on responsibilities and qualifying for leadership positions gained with skills from their multidisciplinary education. Some of their career prospects are:

  • Head of industrial projects.
  • Head of industrial products.
  • Head of large industrial facilities.
  • Head of digital transformation.
  • General, technical, strategic, and technological management of organizations.
  • Head of planning, quality, production, and environmental management.
  • Research, development, and innovation.
  • International and multidisciplinary team management.
  • Consultant and advisor.
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