The Master's Degree in Smart Grids (MSG) is a Master of Science Degree with 90 ECTS credits, taught by the University of Strathclyde and the ICAI School of Engineering, in close collaboration with Iberdrola. The main objective of the program is to respond to the growing demand for engineers, needed to lead the ongoing process of the digitalization of the electric grid. This Master’s Degree Program provides students with a detailed understanding of the operation and planning of grids under this new paradigm, along with new business opportunities and models that are arising in this constantly changing field.

The program of courses has been developed in close collaboration with Iberdrola. This alliance guarantees both the practical component, thanks to the participation of industry, and the academic rigor of the courses, resulting from the involvement of two internationally recognized universities. One of the most interesting features of the program is the intensive international experience offered. Students not only spend one semester in both Spain and Scotland but also carry out internships offered within the framework of this Master's Degree at any of the international offices of Iberdrola in Spain, Scotland, the USA and Brazil.

This program is designed especially for graduates in the area of Electrical or Telecommunications Engineering.

Career & academic prospects

The objective of the program is to train experts with thorough knowledge in both the Power Systems and Telecommunications dimensions of Smart Grids.

Academic excellence, together with internships in real-life projects taking place in a leading company such as Iberdrola, make it possible to acquire new skills, which are in demand in the energy industry.

This type of professional profile is already in high demand in the energy industry all around the world.

Professional Opportunities:

  • Electric Power Utilities: Transmission system operators, Distribution system operators, Retailers, aggregators and new ventures involving distributed energy resources
  • Electric Equipment and Systems Suppliers
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Services Suppliers
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Institutes for Research and Innovation
  • Energy Sector Consultants

Academic Career Paths:

  • Research, Development, and Innovation
  • Doctoral Candidates


This Master’s Degree has a duration of 1 year (90 ECTS). Alternatively, it may be carried out over a period of two years, in conjunction with the Official Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (MII) or the Official Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MIT).

1st Period (September to December) - Madrid 30 ECTS
Fundamentals of Power Systems or Fundamentals of Telecommunications 3 ECTS
Regulation and New Business Models 7.5 ECTS
Operation and Planning of Future Distribution Networks 7.5 ECTS
Telecommunications for Smart Grids 7.5 ECTS
Leadership, Change Management, and Corporate Responsibility 4.5 ECTS
2nd Period (January to mid-May) - Strathclyde 30 ECTS
Data Analytics form Smart Grids 5 ECTS
Control and Protection of Future Networks 5 ECTS
Offshore and Pan European Supergrids 5 ECTS
Hardware IoT Communications System Design 5 ECTS
Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution Networks 5 ECTS
5G Communications Networks 5 ECTS
3rd Period (mid-May to early September) – Iberdrola 30 ECTS
Internships + Master Thesis 30 ECTS


For the duration of the internship (mid-May to early September), students will be assigned to one of Iberdrola’s international branch offices to carry out their internship. During this period of internship, Iberdrola will provide the students with a salary that may differ according to the destination.


Applicant profile:

This Master’s Degree is aimed at enthusiastic Electrical and Telecommunications Engineers who would like to develop their career in the energy industry of the future. It is also aimed at professionals who are active within the Power Sector and who are able to combine their daily work schedule with the timetable for the courses. For this reason, classes are taught in the afternoon.

The program presented here is tailored for outstanding engineers who wish to further their career by acquiring skills and knowledge that will be essential for the ongoing transformation of the energy sector.

Finally, participants should be willing to travel, since lessons will not only take place at ICAI (Madrid) and Strathclyde (Glasgow); there will also be a period with a paid internship in one of the leading companies in the world: Iberdrola. This internship will be carried out in one of the branch offices of Iberdrola around the world in the USA, Brazil, the UK or Spain.

Admission requirements:

A Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering or a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Proficiency Level of English: (C1 European Level or higher is required for admission).

Admission process:

Applications should be submitted within the application period, accompanied by all of the required documents.

The Admissions Committee will study applications and inform candidates of its decision, as well as the corresponding enrollment deadline, when applicable, by email and post. There is no special admissions exam.

Admission criteria:

The student's academic transcript (80%), letters of recommendation, cover letter and, if applicable, an interview (20%) will be taken into consideration.

Admission application filing period:

Deadline for the submission of applications: June 30th, 2018.

Information notice on the documents to be submitted.


1 academic year (90 ECTS)


Courses are taught in the afternoon. All classes will be of 50 minutes in length, taught between the hours of 3:00 pm. to 9:00 pm.


Scotland/EU countries: 15,000€ for the entire Master's Degree (one year).

Rest of the UK: 15,000€

Rest of the world: 20.000€

Iberdrola will offer a number of grants for the most talented students joining this Master’s Degree Program. Further information concerning the application procedure for these grants will be provided shortly.


Information on grants from the ICAI School of Engineering can be found at

Additionally, as mentioned previously, Iberdrola will offer a number of grants for the most talented students joining this Master’s Degree Program. Further information concerning the application procedure for these grants will be provided shortly.


This Master’s Degree offers a significant international focus. The first period of studies (September to December) will take place in Madrid, at the ICAI School of Engineering. The second period of studies (January to mid-May) will be carried out in Glasgow, at the University of Strathclyde. During the third period of studies, (mid-May to early September) the student will be assigned to one of the international branch offices of Iberdrola.


Master’s Degree in Smart Grids

Attendance mode:

Class attendance is mandatory.



Classes begin on:

Classes begin in early September. Some core courses may start during the last week of August.

Team in charge of the Master:

Director: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fornié

Coordinator: Javier Matanza Domingo

Information point:

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería (ICAI) Universidad Pontificia Comillas

C/ Alberto Aguilera 25 - 28015 Madrid, Spain

Tel. +34 91 540 62 55


Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:30 and Monday to Thursday, 15:30 to 17:30

Program taught in:
This course is Campus based
Start Date
12 months
15,000 EUR
Scotland/EU countries: 15,000€ for the entire Master's Degree (one year). Rest of the UK: 15,000€ Rest of the world: 20.000€
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End Date
Aug 31, 2019
Application deadline
Application deadline
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Aug 31, 2019