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Generate new aesthetic proposals from the understanding of the musical work in its context.

  • Degree awarded: Master's Degree in Music Studies
  • Type of training: Master
  • Methodology: Presencial
  • Place of development: Bogotá, DC
  • Estimated duration: 4 semesters
  • Academic credits: 46 (emphasis on historical interpretation or music education); 48 (emphasis on research)
  • Value per credit: $ 867,868 (2019)
  • Registration fee : $ 8,678,680 (for first semester students)


During the last decades, the aesthetic-musical criteria have been changing substantially due, among other factors, to the great amount of studies and musicological investigations, which have contributed new elements to the theory and musical interpretation. These factors have strengthened the theoretical references that should support any practice in the field of music.

In the context of today's musical training, and in a world where the speed of information transmission is growing and determining in all the processes of music practice, it is necessary to propose new curricular plans for higher musical education. These must be consistent not only with the transformation of thought, but also with the needs of the medium and the artistic work.

Based on the above, the Master's Degree in Musical Studies is based on two assumptions:

  • The practical and theoretical application of context, which refers to the areas from which musical discourse can be developed (ie linguistic, sociocultural, practices and situational).
  • The extension of the concept of historically documented music to all areas and moments of musical activity.

In this construction, musical discourse is the realization of music or reflection on it according to defined theoretical, philosophical, historical, cultural and social parameters. In synthesis, the master's degree approaches the musical discourse in the light of the context, put at the service of the interpretation, the investigation, the analysis, the teaching, the learning and any activity of the musical task.

Academic information


This mastery, attached to the Dept. of Musical Studies, seeks to contribute to the development of music in Colombia, from the integral study of the contexts that give meaning to musical discourse and its theoretical and practical application in the fields of interpretation, research and education. It is a flexible proposal that allows students to choose lines of emphasis and profile their training according to their interests. The program balances theory and practice, and has as transversal axes the understanding of music as discourse and the observation, appropriation and expression of the musical fact in its context.

Lines of investigation

The Music Studies Master has the following lines of deepening

  • Historical interpretation
  • Pedagogy of music
  • Music education and social change
  • Iberoamerican musical heritage


The investigation allows us to approach the musical work in a multidimensional way in light of the context. For this purpose, the theoretical corpus will be studied from four meanings or contexts of the context:

  • Linguistic context: analyzes the musical text in terms of structure, materials and constituent elements.
  • Sociocultural context: identifies and locates historical and sociocultural aspects that give meaning to the musical discourse, situating it in a specific time and space.
  • Context of the practice: identifies and investigates the tendencies of the musical field through the comparative study of the different practices and compositional, interpretative, analytical, investigative or teaching traditions associated with the interpretation, creation, research or teaching of a specific musical content.
  • Situational context: identifies the particular ways and conditions that determine or affect the creation, interpretation, expression or reception of musical discourse.

Being located in the field of analytical reflection of musical discourse in light of the context, all aspects that make up the pedagogical component of the program are aimed at guaranteeing students of different profiles and interests the appropriation of tools for the comprehensive understanding of the fact musical, as well as for its application in interpretation, research and education.

What does the Master's Degree in Music Studies offer?

The Master in Music Studies offers you the following advantages:

  • University of first level in quality and trajectory
  • Academic and financial flexibility for the benefit of the student
  • Benefits plan for unicentral family and interinstitutional agreements
  • Multiple financing systems

Profile of the applicant

Professionals in the field of music, with demonstrated abilities for understanding, interpreting and analyzing musical language.

In case of holding an undergraduate degree in an area of the arts or the humanities other than music, admission will be determined by the master's committee, based on previous musical knowledge or the academic trajectory of the candidate.

Graduate profile

The graduated professionals will be able to autonomously take interpretative, educational or investigative decisions, according to their field of action, based on the observation of the different contexts that determine the musical discourse. In this sense, the areas of professional performance are: interpretation, research, creation, management and musical intervention.

The areas in which the specific competences of the program are developed are: 1) mastery of musical language, and 2) contextualization of musical discourse through the understanding and expression of music as discourse.

What makes us different?

More than fifty years of experience allow us to assume a great diversity of knowledge to apply them in solving the problems of the country, with academic rigor and vocation of service to society.

Thanks to our trajectory, we understand that the interests and needs of students are diverse. That's why UC has the best educational services to live the best university experience:

  • Homologation: From other professional levels.
  • Cultural, sports and entertainment activities: Cineclub, chess, book club, music, theater, courses, etc.
  • Discount plans: For the unicentral family and for inter-institutional agreements. *
  • Financing systems : Multiple financing systems.
  • Main roads and public transport system: Two sites located near the main roads of the city and the public transport system.

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