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Turn the word into raw material for your masterpieces.

  • Title awarded: Master in Literary Creation
  • Type of training: Master
  • Methodology: Presencial
  • Place of development: Bogotá, DC
  • Estimated duration: 8 bimestres
  • Academic credits: 59
  • Value per credit: $ 437,217 (2019)
  • Registration fee : $ 5,683,821 (for first semester students)

Discount for prompt payment

The U. Central offers you $ 300,000 discount in the value of your registration. Applies to new students entering in 2019-1, paying until December 20, 2018.


Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Creation process

In the process of literary writing there is a problem to be solved, an aesthetic intention that needs a form, an artistic duty that leads to inquiry through the word. Therefore, for creation to take place, a continuous research process is indispensable in which the writer -from a certain state of language, of certain forms of history and culture- produces and modifies cultural and human realities. The "creative praxis", as a search for the nonexistent text, becomes the program's proposal for a different form of research.

Academic information


This masters, attached to the Department of Literary Creation, has the objective of training professionals with mastery of the processes and techniques that pertain to research and literary creation, capable of gathering the voices, perceptions, views and sensitivities to configure a order of the world from fiction or literary non-fiction.

Vision of the program

Consolidate Literary Creation as an alternative to postgraduate studies oriented to the formation of authors of literary texts.

Leveling course

The Central University in its purpose to establish, as far as possible, similar levels among students entering the Master's in Literary Creation, offers a leveling course that is defined with the student at the time of the interview and which may include the following modules:

  • Essential readings
  • Fear of writing and forms of research in literary creation
  • Other arts and writing fiction

The duration of the nivelatorio is of a semester and has cost for the student; tuition is settled in accordance with the following academic routes:

  • The leveling course and two subjects of the regular program
  • The leveling course and the academic credits of the first two bimesters of the regular program
  • The first semester of the regular program without the leveling course

What does the Master's Degree in Literary Creation offer?

The Master in Literary Creation offers you the following advantages:

  • A varied and attractive field of professional development where literary vocation and skills for creative writing can be displayed.
  • Teachers, writers, essayists and poets of high professional profile and recognition in the country and abroad.
  • More than 36 years of accredited experience in the formation of writers through pioneering programs such as the Central University Writers Workshop (TEUC), the undergraduate Literary Creation and the specialization in Narrative Creation.
  • Possibility of developing a life project according to aptitudes, tastes and aesthetic interests to be carried out personally and professionally.

Profile of the applicant

Professionals from various university disciplines who wish to contribute to the field of literary creation.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the program will have knowledge, competencies and skills to perform as a literary creator, collaborator of cultural magazines and supplements, writer of narrative or essay books, cultural manager, writer of biographies and sketches, editor, commentator of literary productions and author of compilations and anthologies.

What makes us different?

More than fifty years of experience allow us to assume a great diversity of knowledge to apply them in solving the problems of the country, with academic rigor and vocation of service to society.

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Spanish (Colombia)
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