Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (MII)

The MA in Industrial Engineering continues the over 100-year tradition of the ICAI School of Engineering, adapting to a society in which internationalization, and communication and leadership skills are indispensable for achieving professional success. It combines general training that is applicable to many industrial and business sectors with specific knowledge of this specialist area, and all through a practice-based program in which students play a leading role. Comprehensive training and internationalization are two of the program's distinctive characteristics.

In addition to the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, our students will have the opportunity to study a double-degree program, taking on another Comillas MA, or one from a foreign university with which Comillas has established a double-degree partnership. This MA is a two-year course, although some of the double-degree programs with foreign universities may require a longer study period.

Students who obtain the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering can register with the ICAI's National Engineers Association and work in the legally regulated profession of Industrial Engineering.


Admission requirements:

A Bachelor's Degree in Electromechanical Engineering from our Engineering School.

A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering for Industrial Technologies from other schools with a strong academic record.

Students holding an undergraduate degree equivalent to the above-mentioned programs can also apply, although they may be required to complete additional, preparatory courses.

Admission process and criteria:

The student's academic background, cover letter, interview (optional) and command of the English language will all be taken into account. The Admission Committee will study the application and communicate its decision, and the corresponding enrolment deadline, when applicable, by email and post.


The Master's in Industrial Engineering is a two-year program. The first year is mainly centered around engineering for industrial systems although it also includes various management-related modules. In the second year, students will focus on completing the business training and on an engineering project that will form the Master's Thesis. In this second year, a range of Optional Modules can be studied in different areas, including the electric power sector, railway systems, industrial organizations, etc.

Grants and financial aid

The University, as an institution of the Catholic Church dedicated to all members of society, offers a range of grants and financial aid to its students, to help with study costs and to ensure equal opportunities based on the individual needs of each student.

This aid comes directly from the University, from contributions made by the Comillas-ICAI University Foundation, the Fund of Church Grants, the non-autonomous foundation for candidates to the priesthood and from other organizations and individuals.

Students at the University are eligible for the same benefits as other Spanish university students with regard to school insurance, official grants, and other grants.

Career & academic prospects

Graduate's Profile

This degree program certifies students to enter the regulated Industrial Engineering profession, under the current legislation. [BOE].

The ICAI Master program in Industrial Engineering was designed to provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive education, by combining traditional engineering teaching with extensive leadership education in the international context with the development of professional and communication skills.

In addition, this degree allows the student to join doctorate programs.

Career prospects

ICAI Industrial Engineers work in all production sectors of national and international industry, taking on responsibilities and qualifying for leadership positions gained with skills from their multidisciplinary education. Some of their career prospects are:

  • Head of industrial projects.
  • Head of industrial products.
  • Head of large industrial facilities.
  • General, technical and strategic management of organizations.
  • Head of planning, quality, production and environmental management.
  • Research, development, and innovation.
  • International and multidisciplinary team management.
  • Consultant and advisor.
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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