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Program Description



The Master's program in Humanistic Studies is part of the ITESM project to strengthen the study of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the one hand; on the other, to create a space in which professionals from any area acquire a humanistic education that they link and apply in their professional activity.

This program also arises in response to the prevailing need in society to make a critical reflection in the area of ​​humanities with emphasis on Ethics, Literature and Discourse, Science and Culture and Communication and Cultural Studies.

The new world order and the democratic society need a strong, proactive, committed and articulated civil society, where a dialogue can be maintained between the different voices, mentalities and positions. In this dialogue, professionals with a humanistic background can be the bridges between human beings with their different philosophies, policies and histories. Our incipient democracy requires forming social subjects committed to an analytical vision that starts from the philosophical foundations and adopts interpretative methodologies that allow them to clearly analyze their own discourse and that of others. The contribution of professionals with a formal humanist education undoubtedly contributes to all of the above.

It is a program designed for academics and professionals who want to prepare for the challenges proposed by the future, to which the Tecnológico de Monterrey wants to respond through the training of specialized humanists in the field of research and teaching.ditigido

Addressed to

The Master's Degree in Humanistic Studies is aimed at:

  • Managers of human resources in the public and private sector.
  • Academics and teachers within the humanistic area.
  • Directors of companies that want to expand and constantly renew the social responsibility of their company.
  • Consultants, strategists and politicians who are committed to the construction of a nation project with the purest and most updated knowledge of humanity, philosophy, ethics, literature, and the history of the world and Mexico.
  • Students of the organizational climate of companies.
  • Executives of companies that wish to recover the humanistic dimension in an environment that favors production and productivity.
  • Young people interested in research and in developing the ability to explore and / or make proposals for reflection with a view to the critical understanding of current reality and in the areas of expertise that the program offers.
  • Leaders and collaborators of non-governmental organizations that promote the understanding of the human person in relation to technological and productive processes.
  • Humanists who seek to rethink their paradigm from new humanist perspectives that promote a transdisciplinary exchange and want to exercise, under academic conditions, what they are obliged to face in reality.ventajas



The student has the opportunity to study with specialized teachers in different areas of the humanities and with a solid humanistic career of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Leadership in distance education

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is the first institution in Latin America to establish an Internet connection, it is a pioneer in Mexico in distance education since 1989 and leads the "Ranking of Spanish-Language Online Training Institutions 2015" prepared by the consultancy Hamilton Global Intelligence .


This program has accreditations and recognitions from national and international institutions such as:

  • Commission of Universities of the Association of Schools and Universities of the South of the United States (SACS). The Tecnológico de Monterrey is accredited by the Commission of Universities of the Association of Schools and Universities of the South of the United States to grant professional degrees and academic degrees of masters and doctorates.
  • Recognition of official validity of the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico.
  • Recognition by the World Bank, Organization of American States.
  • Inter-institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES) that have classified the online graduate programs of the Tecnológico de Monterrey at their highest level.


This postgraduate course is offered online, which allows the student to decide the time and place of study, facilitating their academic progress and achieving balance with their work and family activities.

Educational model

The active participation of students in their professional and personal education is promoted through individual and collaborative learning. This model also allows the student to build their knowledge with the guidance of expert teachers in their professional field and in teaching.

The online courses of this program are designed using didactic techniques under real and practical approaches, which are presented through educational technologies and offer multiple resources for learning.

State-of-the-art technology

The courses are designed on the Blackboard platform, which you can access through the student portal or through the mobile application that gives you the possibility to use your mobile device as a complement to make some queries about contents and activities of your courses.

Multicultural educational experience

This program allows interaction with professors and colleagues located in different geographical regions and who work in organizations of the private, public, academic and / or social sectors. We currently have more than 23,000 graduates in 36 countries.

Specialized care

Specialists who accompany the student during their apprenticeship: Full Professor, Tutor Professor, Academic Advisor and User Services Center.

digital library

Collection of more than 90 thousand books and 53 thousand periodicals.


Access to communication, collaboration and learning networks among students, professors and specialists from different parts of the world and associations of graduates.plan

Study plan

First semester

  • H4012 Research methodology
  • OP4002 Fundamental option I
  • OP4037 Course stamp
  • OP5042 Optional I

Second semester

  • H5022 Research project
  • OP4003 Fundamental option II
  • OP4004 Fundamental option III
  • OP5043 Optional II

Third semester

  • OP4005 Fundamental option IV
  • OP4018 Fundamental option V
  • OP5044 Optional III
  • OP5045 Optional IVegresados


The graduate of the Master's Degree in Humanistic Studies at Tecnológico de Monterrey will be able to:

  • Design an innovative response to educational demands in the areas of History, Ethics, Literature and Discourse, and Science and Culture.
  • Manage projects with a humanistic character that are carried out in public and private institutions.
  • Be a social subject with the critical judgment necessary to participate in the construction of possible solutions to human problems such as poverty, war and the deterioration of the environment.
  • Manage the implementation of codes of ethics in the academic, public, business and government environments.
  • Include respect and tolerance of difference in codes of ethics.
  • Problematize current moral action, reflect on it, interpret and rationally legitimize another proposal for moral action in order to not neglect its goals and duties to monitor welfare, equity and social justice.
  • Implement projects of interest for the community that go beyond economic interest and personal fulfillment.
  • Conduct consulting projects in the public, private, academic and civil society sectors, on issues related to organizational ethics, the growth and professionalization of civil society, public policies, and science and technology, among others.
  • Explore and / or make proposals for reflection with a view to the critical understanding of current reality and in the areas of expertise that the program offers.
  • Offer an innovative teaching response to educational demands in the areas of Ethics, History, Literature and Discourse, and Science and Culture.

Admission requirements

  • Have a professional title
  • Have obtained an average equal to or greater than 80/100 or its equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present the Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies (PAEP) of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and obtain a score equal or superior to 500 points.
  • Submit the admission application accompanied by all the required documents.
Last updated Mar 2020

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