Master's Degree in Foreign Trade and Internationalization of Companies


Program Description

Chosen among the 5 best specialized Masters in the area of ​​Business in Spain according to Ranking of El Mundo 2015.

The Master's Degree in International Trade and Economic Relations allows us to discover and analyze the implications and key factors of the world of business and international relations.

This degree shows the student how global business strategies are and what instruments are applied to foreign trade, while at the same time delving into the political-economic keys of the most competitive economies and emerging countries. It is also taught to manage crisis processes, mergers, expansions and integrations with other companies.

The objective is to create experts in international business, in international economic relations and in foreign trade management with a practical and operational vision of the sector, while fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity.

This training makes the Master a fundamental tool for all those who are involved in the internationalization and expansion processes of national companies towards new foreign markets.

Differential aspects of the Master:

  • It is one of the university master's degrees specialized in trade and international economic relations with greater international recognition. It is one of the most complete on the market and includes sessions in English.
  • It has specific modules of international management where key aspects such as international finance, managerial and negotiation skills, global marketing and strategic analysis are developed.
  • It includes specific modules for the knowledge of each geo-economic area and modules with the operational part on foreign trade: procedures, contracting, insurance, risks, logistics ...
  • Complementary sessions of managerial skills and Master Classes are offered, aimed at enhancing competence development.
  • Internships are carried out in multinational companies or governmental entities such as ICEX, CESCE or BRITISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The University has agreements with companies such as Santander, BBVA, Telefónica and Repsol.
  • Personal entrepreneurship is strengthened through the Hub Emprende program located in the Campus where the Master is being studied.
  • The Master includes an international stay visiting relevant European Union institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Frankfurt.


The Master's Degree in Commerce and International Economic Relations has been implemented, course by course, according to the following schedule:

Study plan

  • The first 3 modules of the program are aimed at providing the analysis and diagnosis tools suitable for knowledge of the international economic environment, the development of strategic thinking, the negotiation skills and competencies related to managerial skills.
  • Modules 4 and 5 focus on the specific study of the different geoeconomic areas in order to obtain an informed knowledge of the particular characteristics of each environment and market.
  • Modules 6, 7, 8 focus on the practical application of marketing and organization strategies, as well as all the operations related to international trade when dealing with and implementing in the different target markets.
  • Module 9 corresponds to business practices as a complement to the training received and module 10 to the master's degree project, where a complete process of internationalization will have to be developed and defended based on an original business initiative of the students, applying all the concepts and methods learned during the program.

Orientation calendar (quarterly location of the sessions of the modules)

  • Modules 1,2,3: October-November-December
  • Modules 4,5: December-January-February
  • Modules 6,7,8: March-April-May
  • Module 9 (practices compatible with classroom hours)
  • Module 10: May-June (final master project)

Development of the program

Module 1 - Management skills for international environments

  • International policy
  • International negotiation and leadership
  • International cooperation

Module 2 - International economic environment

  • Tools for economic analysis
  • Globalization: challenges and opportunities
  • Process of internationalization of the company

Module 3 - International financing

  • International financial markets
  • International taxation
  • International monetary systems
  • Financial instruments at the service of foreign trade

Module 4 - Geoeconomic areas: developed economies

  • European Union
  • United States and Canada
  • Japan and surrounding countries

Module 5 - Geoeconomic areas: emerging economies

  • Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

Module 6 - Strategies of internationalization of the company

  • Marketing strategies
  • New technologies in foreign trade
  • Organizational strategies for internationalization processes

Module 7 - Foreign trade instruments I

  • Institutions and regulations of foreign trade
  • Operational risks of foreign trade
  • Document management

Module 8 - Foreign trade instruments II

  • International recruitment
  • Insurance and guarantees in foreign trade
  • Information and reporting systems

Module 9 - Professional practices

  • This module involves the completion of a minimum of 6 ECTS of professional practices in companies of international scope or operation. In addition to the entities with which the University has established agreements, due to the growing activity of internationalization of companies, in each course arise new specific offers, applications and agreements with various firms for the realization of curricular practices of the students of the Master.
  • The awarding of professional internships is done in collaboration with the Employment Guidance Office. In this link you can access all the information on regulations of practices, agreements and collaborating companies.
  • The internships are an excellent vehicle for job placement for the profile of the students of the Master, for the skills and knowledge acquired and the theme of the program, which represents a qualitative leap in the professional profile of the graduates, maintaining a high percentage of insertion or work improvement.

Module 10 - Final Master Project

  • Development of a business project of international dimension presented and defended before a tribunal of professional experts.
  • The professional specialization includes the essential areas to direct projects related to trade and international relations.


This alternative scientific specialty itinerary involves guiding the professional practices and the Final Master Project towards economic and business research, having to complete three specific modules:

  • Module 1 - Quantitative methods
  • Module 2 - Economic research
  • Module 3 - Business research

These three modules replace those of internationalization and foreign trade strategies I and II of the professional specialty.

This specialty includes research credits that allow access to the preparation of the doctoral thesis and obtain a Doctorate in Economics and Business from the Universidad Europea of Madrid.

Note: the sessions of these modules are taught at different times than the conventional strip and at the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus (consult).

Collaborating companies

ICEX and associated institutions such as CESCE and COFIDES, with professional internship agreements for students of the Master's Degree in Commerce and International Economic Relations. At the University level, collaboration agreements with the Santander Group and agreements for professional practice with international firms such as Repsol or Telefónica.

Career opportunities and entrepreneurship

The Master aims to provide the student with a specific qualification in the field of management within international economic organizations and in the international management of companies.

Once the Master's degree is finished, the graduate will be a professional who will master not only the theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge that will lead him to evaluate and identify business opportunities in international environments. He will be a professional capable of planning and implementing a business internationalization plan. He will be a professional capable of developing a marketing strategy for organizations that move in international and therefore multicultural fields. It will have a global vision of international business and international trade, knowing the institutions and organizations that govern international economic relations and will know how to develop in the different existing financial markets, finding the best opportunities for the company or institution in which they work.

Outstanding professional outputs:

The areas and departments of expansion of large companies in various sectors, international consultancies, international law firms, governmental institutions, SMEs that want to address internationalization processes, advice to all types of organizations and entrepreneurial initiatives of their own.

Last updated Mar 2020

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