Master's Degree in Fashion Photography and Advertising


Program Description

The Master in Fashion and Advertising Photography presents an ideal environment for the generation of leading professionals and capable of generating trends based on their own creative personality. The spirit of this Master, which transcends pure photography and encompasses a wide range of competencies of other fields and disciplines in the world of styling and communication, arises from the desire to combine the demands of a labor market in constant redefinition with individual aspirations and the visions of each participant. His axis of specialization is Fashion and Advertising Photography, at its confluence and intersection with the Art Direction.

The program, oriented to creativity and innovation, covers all the essential aspects necessary to handle the conceptualization, development and realization of complete commercial, advertising and personal visual projects, of professional quality and with a strong author's seal. The participation of established professionals in the current scenario places it in constant contact with the labor market.


  • Qualification: Master's Diploma
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Modality: Presencial Barcelona
  • School period: February to July.
  • Observations:
    • Face-to-face training.
    • 100% practical guidance.
    • Small groups.


The didactic objective of the Master is to train its participants as outstanding professionals, with their own initiative and style, offering them the mastery of knowledge, tools, processes and methodologies at a technical, aesthetic and managerial level, always favoring the maximum expansion of their own inclinations and skills. You will be able to control in its entirety the process of creation and production and you will be able to apply as author and creator of tendencies.

The objectives are achieved through professional practice in real situations, collaborating with prestigious schools and fashion brands and with professional models. The results throughout the master's degree are aimed at generating a broad portfolio and publishing the first editorials by students.


The master's degree in fashion and advertising photography is structured in two modules: in the first, the essential knowledge of photographic and advertising practice, as well as art direction, is deepened; in the second, more extensive, all activities are focused on specialization in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

01 Fundamentals

Tools and technologies for image capture.

  • Cameras and optics.
  • Capture software.
  • Lighting in studio.
  • Outdoor lighting.

Tools and technologies for the processing of the image.

  • Revealed.
  • Retouching and digital photomontage.
  • 2D and 3D integration.
  • Organization of work flows.

Technique and photographic language.

Contemporary visual culture.

Art and design direction.

  • From concept to production.
  • Processes and methodologies of art direction.
  • Creative direction
  • Theory and practice of design.
  • Graphic design and editorial layout and web.
  • Production Design.
  • Creativity.

02 Fashion and lifestyle

The world of fashion. Lifestyle

  • History of fashion design.
  • History of fashion photography.
  • Design and photography of contemporary fashion.
  • People and Lifestyle.
  • Trends and coolhunting.
  • Magazines and online magazines.
  • Fashion, lifestyle and social media.

Professional environment Related disciplines. Art direction

  • Casting and model management.
  • Production design for fashion and lifestyle.
  • Makeup and hairdressing
  • Styling, art direction and photography for advertising campaigns, editorials, brands and beauty.
  • Storytelling in fashion and lifestyle.

Professional practice

  • Shooting in studio.
  • Shooting in location or decorated.
  • Shooting outdoors.
  • Shooting on the catwalk.
  • Events, concerts and portraits in context.
  • Retouching, color correction and digital photomontage in fashion.
  • The moving image in fashion and lifestyle.

Profession. The photographer

  • The commercial and author portfolio.
  • Platforms and broadcast channels.
  • Labor orientation: agencies and representatives, types of contracts, image and author rights, legal and referential issues.
  • Transversal and interdisciplinary workshops with professionals.
  • Personal practices

Master's final project

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Aquí encontrarás un espacio donde reconocidos profesionales en activo comparten sus conocimientos construyendo nuevas experiencias contigo. Acercándote al mundo real a través de trabajos prácticos y c ... Read More

Aquí encontrarás un espacio donde reconocidos profesionales en activo comparten sus conocimientos construyendo nuevas experiencias contigo. Acercándote al mundo real a través de trabajos prácticos y clases que te enseñan lo que de verdad necesitas saber para tu carrera profesional. Read less