Master's Degree in Engineering


Program Description

Program name: Master's Degree in Engineering
DGP key:
Normal period to graduate: 4 semesters
Credits: 100
Degree that confers: Master in Engineering

· Construction option

· Valuation option

Campus where it is offered: Hermosillo

Program description

General purpose

Form high-level human resources through a postgraduate educational program with professional orientation, with theoretical and methodological capacity to apply and develop the knowledge of Engineering in their options of Construction and Valuation, which are competent to raise and develop solutions to problems , with social and environmental sense so that it contributes to the sustainability of urban development.

Specific objectives

  • Comply with the quality standards established in the CONACYT PNPC reference framework.
  • Perform stays by students in the productive sector.
  • Pose and solve real problems of construction and valuation that occur in urban areas providing practical and consistent solutions.

What Will Your Competencies Be When You Finish The Program?

Egress Profile

The student The student who graduates from the Master's Degree in Engineering (construction and valuation) of the Engineering Division of the Universidad de Sonora , will have the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that allow you to have the following:

Specific competences.

  • Apply cutting-edge methodologies that allow you to describe, analyze and solve a particular problem in the place where it is being developed.
  • Apply the knowledge in the discipline related to the valuation, the construction processes and its administration, generating and applying technologies that propitiate the increase in the productivity and quality in the construction.
  • Transmit knowledge by joining the teaching staff of the different institutions of higher education and other organizations, helping to raise the quality of teaching in the area of their competence.
  • Work as a team with other related specialists, dealing with problems that concern multidisciplines in search of alternative solutions.
  • Analyze, qualify and make decisions according to the contributions of the progress of engineering and new technologies in the area of planning, project control, evaluation and valuation of them.
  • Plan, organize and evaluate projects, intervene in the administration, supervision and control of works and engineering projects that are built respecting the environment, as well as, direct the mentioned processes in a way that allows them to be established as effective and analytical directors responsible for work .
  • Create and organize your own company, using modern tools, high technology, efficient use of specialized software, laboratory equipment and highly qualified methodologies that allow you to consolidate your company.


Curricular map

Master's Degree in Engineering; terminal line construction.


Master's Degree in Engineering; terminal line valuation.


List of subjects

  • Applied Statistics
  • Applications of geographic information systems
  • Techniques for professional reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Seminar of work of titulación
  • Human factors in construction
  • Technology in urban development
  • Administration of construction companies
  • Supervision and control of works
  • Accounting of construction companies
  • Legislation applied to valuation
  • Introduction to the valuation
  • Valuation of urban and suburban land
  • Valuation of buildings with construction
  • Cadastral valuation
  • Special construction topics
  • New construction processes
  • Sustainable building
  • Construction and environment
  • Regulations for construction
  • Quality control in construction
  • Valuation of sustainable properties
  • Business valuation in progress
  • Valuation workshop
  • Valuation of environmental liabilities
  • Special valuation themes
  • Elective
  • Degree work

Lines of generation and / or application of knowledge of the program.

  • Urban management
  • Building materials and sustainable building

Academic Core


First name



Dr. Quintana Pacheco Jesús


Dr. Miranda Steps Israel


MAC Quintana AmayaJuventino


Dr. Ibarra TorúaGema Karina


MV Ibarra Aldaco Sergio


Dra. Bourbon Almada Ana Cecilia


Dr. Ramírez Uribe Gerardo


Dr. Ojeda De La Cruz Arturo



First name



Dr. Ramos Corella Marco Antonio

Dr. Ayala Corona Armando

Dr. Silvestre Ortíz José Refugio

Dr. Saiz Hernández Juan Arcadio

MC Becuar Peña Francisco Javier

MA García Arvizu Jesús Fernando

Dr. Morales Morales Elsa Elizabeth

Ing. Medina Flores Luis Celerino

Dr. Ayala Corona Armando

MV González Duarte Gloria Luz

How to enter this postgraduate course?

Entry requirements

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Bachelor's degree certificate with a minimum grade point average of 80 (eighty).
  • Proof of English proficiency of at least 450 points from Toefl ITP or 45 points from Toefl IBT, or Level 4 from the Department of Foreign Languages of the Universidad de Sonora , or some other indicator of knowledge of English, as long as there is a equivalence provided by a recognized public or private institution.
  • Application for admission and explanation of reasons for entering the Master's Program.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Present the general entrance examination to the graduate (EXANI-III).
  • Undergo a process of selection of applicants:
    • Submit application for admission according to the call.
    • Submit the EXANI-III.
    • Attend an induction session to the program.
    • Personal interview with members of the Academic Committee.
    • The Academic Committee will define the weights of each item and evaluate the results.

Admission profile

Students aspiring to the Master in question, must have the competencies, attitudes and values that allow them to successfully develop and conclude their postgraduate studies, being the following:

Generic Competences:

  • Must know how to communicate orally and in writing, with interpersonal skills to, where appropriate, socialize to open and maintain a coexistence in harmony with the groups or sectors that interest you.
  • In this communication, the student must use information and communication technologies, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases and / or videos or images.
  • You must apply basic concepts of topography to identify certain Engineering problems.
  • Must know identify, raise and where appropriate solve generic problems associated with the exercise of their profession.
  • Must have the ability to identify and read documents, manuals, studies, articles and others that are written in English.

Desirable attitudes:

  • Wide disposition towards the approach and resolution of problems, the generation and application of knowledge and professional improvement.
  • Team work of effective and constructive collaboration between peers and others with whom you have a graduate relationship.
  • Self-criticism, acceptance of points of view different from yours and retrospective analysis.
  • Broad respect for the human being and the environment.

Desirable values:

  • The new student must perform with professional ethics.
  • Have humility, honesty, solidarity, tolerance, fairness and respect.

What do you need to get the degree?

Qualification requirements

To obtain a master's degree, you must:

  • Approve the total credits and meet the other requirements established in the corresponding graduate program.
  • Proof of understanding a language other than Spanish, as established by the Academic Committee of the Postgraduate Program according to the study program.
  • Pass the examination of grade in the written phase and in the oral phase before a jury named ex profeso.
  • Comply with the provisions and requirements demanded by the School Services Office for the issuance of the degree.

Titration options

The master's project offers more diversity of alternatives to achieve the degree, which are identified as:

  • Professional work
  • Thesis
  • Terminal project
  • Publication of article in journal with reference JCR (Journal Citation Reports)
  • Registration of a patent

In all the options described there must be a written and oral phase.

How much does it cost to study this postgraduate course?

Cost of the EXANI-III

The registration cost of applicants to enter the Universidad de Sonora is announced annually along with the first entry notice.

Registration and tuition fees

Students, when enrolling in any of the graduate programs, must cover the corresponding fees according to the current minimum wage in the city of Hermosillo, as established in the Quotas Regulation.

More reports

Dr. Jesús Quintana Pacheco
Program coordinator
Blvd. Luis Encinas y Rosales, Building 12-A, Ground Floor. Hermosillo, Sonora.
Tel: 52 (662) 2 592183 and 52 (662) 2 592184 Ext. 2609 and 2617
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