Master's Degree in Education Entrepreneurship


Program Description

Master’s Degree Programme in Education Entrepreneurship

Application 8-22 January 2020

Tuition 10 000€/ Academic year

Scholarship available

What is the degree all about?

The programme supports you as a professional to explore opportunities and build networks in the global education innovation community (both from a pedagogical and business perspective). The cohort is interdisciplinary and international with the programme completed in a collaborative and working-life focused learning environment.

The programme is offered in collaboration with a number of international business and university partners in the Americas and Europe. It is expected that these partnerships will support program content by affording opportunities to learn from various international experts and to learn from various cases of entrepreneurship in education globally.

The degree programme delivers content focusing on competencies that enable you to engage in the global education (Edtech) industry with a focus on the education system in Finland and key sites of innovation around the world.

Participants will be able to:

• identify and pursue opportunities for business and innovation through an interdisciplinary approach in the context of education and training;
• design, test and implement an innovative product or service;
• practice and share expertise in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams and networks; and
• build professional networks within the global Edtech industry.

Study contents – Blended program

The studies have been structured with the expectation that participants can continue to work professionally at the same time as completing the programme. Studies are based on a blended learning model with all assignments relevant to the development of a personal project. The model includes: distance learning sessions using online and video conferencing tools, and 4 face-to-face sessions in Finland and other sites globally to be decided. The face-to-face sessions will take place at various times throughout the academic year, starting with a 3-day summer session in Oulu with all participants in August 2019.

Key topics addressed during the contact sessions include: program structure, introductions to Finnish education and school visits, entrepreneurship and service design, research methodologies, clarification of product prototype challenges as well as research thesis and project work.

In addition to contact teaching sessions, there will be monthly video conference sessions, continued self-paced assignments and online tutoring throughout the academic year.

Tuition fee and scholarship

For Finnish and EU/EEA citizens there are no tuition fees to participate in the programme. Also international applicants with the Finnish residence permit A or P are exempt from the tuition fee.

For non-EU students, the tuition fee is 10,000 € for one academic year and 5000 € for each additional semester to complete the program. Please note that a supplemental scholarship is provided by Oamk to tuition-paying students who accomplish the studies within the set target time (1 year/60 credits, 1,5 year/90 credits). The scholarship is 2500 € for one academic year and 1250 € for one semester. The scholarship is applied and awarded retrospectively.

Last updated Oct 2019

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