Master's Degree in Digital and Analytical Marketing


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Program Description


Master's file

Center: Faculty of Economics and Business
Type of teaching: Face-to-face
Language: Spanish
Duration: 1 and a half years
ECTS credits: 90
New admission places: 35
Price per credit:
  • In 1st registration: € 37.11
  • In 2nd registration: € 60.32
  • In 3rd registration: € 69.59
  • In 4th or successive: € 69.59

The Master in Digital and Analytical Marketing offers advanced training in two of the fastest growing areas in the field of marketing: Digital Marketing and Analytical Marketing. On the one hand, the students who study the Digital Marketing specialty will have a deep knowledge about Internet-based information technologies, and will be able to make all those marketing decisions in the digital environment of the company. On the other hand, the specialty of Analytical Marketing will equip the student with the ability to analyze all the information that is generated in the company's digital environment, paying special interest in the exploitation of this data and the application of statistical programs such as free software R for your analysis.


The interest for society is unquestionable if we attend to the transformation that technology is producing in all sectors, giving rise to an interconnected society where social networks connect both people and companies through different mobile devices, causing digitization of all aspects of human activity, including the purchase and consumption of products. Specifically, in Spain it is found that the weight of electronic commerce or e-commerce is increasing. Thus, according to the latest report from the National Competition Markets Commission (CNMC) available on its website: 1, electronic commerce increased its turnover, only in the second quarter of 2016, 20.3% year-on-year (5,948 million euros), and 33.4% if we look at the number of transactions (92 million transactions carried out).


  • CB6 - Possess and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and / or application of ideas, often in a research context
  • CB7 - That students know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study
  • CB8 - That students are able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of making judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments
  • CB9 - That students know how to communicate their conclusions and the knowledge and ultimate reasons that sustain them to specialized and non-specialized audiences in a clear and unambiguous way
  • CB10 - That students possess the learning skills that allow them to continue studying in a way that will be largely self-directed or autonomous.
  • CG1 - Act proactively in the search for the most efficient solution to the problems posed by digital marketing management, making effective decisions and a subsequent evaluation of the results based on data analysis.
  • CG2 - Demonstrate the abilities to develop critical reasoning through the analysis of information from objective criteria and enabling the development of improvements in digital marketing management.
  • CG3 - Ability to design, start up and manage innovative projects based on the intensive and efficient use of digital tools in the different areas of Digital Marketing.
  • CG4 - Develop initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of digital marketing.
  • CG5 - Ability to understand the digital environment and context from different perspectives.
  • CG6 - Ability to develop an attitude compatible with the values of sustainability and social responsibility in the application of digital marketing strategy and data analysis.
  • CG7 - Ability to write and justify in a clear, coherent and orderly manner reports that contain both numerical data and conceptual aspects, adapting the form and content to their recipients, as they are addressed to the management, agencies or clients in the field of marketing.
  • CG8 - Ability to identify, analyze and diagnose a problem in the field of digital marketing, and to establish plans, alternatives and coherent conclusions regarding said problem
  • CE1 - Ability to design and plan strategies of digital marketing, optimizing the management of Marketing Mix variables: product, price, communication and distribution.
  • CE2 - Know and apply the main strategic tools for the management of digital companies.
  • CE3 - Ability to exercise leadership, make decisions based on ethics and social responsibility, and motivate the team in the work of sales management and in their work in the Marketing area.
  • CE4 - Ability to identify and explain new ways of interacting with consumers in the digital environment.
  • CE5 - Apply digital marketing tools for the effective creation of links with the consumer.
  • CE6 - Know the pillars for the development of entrepreneurship in the digital environment.
  • CE7 - Prepare and develop business projects in the field of the digital economy.


Admission profile

From an academic point of view, students must come from some of the following official university degrees, Bachelor / Graduate in Economics, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Research and Market Techniques, Advertising and Public Relations.

Likewise, Graduates / Graduates in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineer in Computer Science, Industrial Design, Industrial Organization, Information Systems, Telecommunication Systems, ICT Systems, Telecommunication Technologies, Software will also have access. , of Communications Electronics and Telecommunications, Multimedia, Robotics and Technical Engineering related to those mentioned, having to carry out a 10-hour seminar of Marketing training complements.

Graduation profile

Students who have completed the specialty of Digital Marketing will have acquired the skills that allow them to practice as professionals in the digital field. Thus, they will be able to act as directors of a company with responsibilities in the field of digital marketing, social media management and electronic commerce.

Students who have completed the specialty of Analytical Marketing, will be able to practice as Big Data experts, marketing analysts, analysts in the field of market research or digital data analyst.

Professional outings

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Digital Communication Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Digital Analyst
  • Data analyst
Last updated Aug 2020

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