Master's Degree in Cooking: Technique, Product and Creativity

Basque Culinary Center

Program Description

Master's Degree in Cooking: Technique, Product and Creativity

Basque Culinary Center

This master’s degree course, aimed at chefs with professional experience, is the training that will allow you to take a leap forward in your professional career. Obtain a real understanding of products, their origin, varieties, gastronomic properties and behaviour in the kitchen. Learn everything about modern techniques, from their physics and chemistry to become skilled in their application. Become immersed in the latest trends of the most prestigious chefs.

A 6-month programme, which culminates with a stage at the best national and international restaurants.

Taught by tutors with extensive professional and academic experience, the course includes seminars and master classes attended by product experts and prestigious international chefs. The acquisition of knowledge is complemented with study excursions and the production of a master’s final project.

Next master’s degree course will commence in October 2018!


  • You will become an expert in culinary techniques and master the most advanced culinary applications.
  • You will learn the essentials of traditional cookery, which has made the possible evolution of the kitchen.
  • You will become a world chef, knowledgeable in the culinary techniques from near and far cultures.
  • You will learn the gastronomic properties and best applications of products from around the world.
  • Thanks to the acquisition of that knowledge, you will become the most valued professional wherever you go.
  • Your in-depth technical knowledge will enable you to adapt to different business models.
  • You will learn from the best professionals, those who only seem to be accessible in a conference environment.
  • You will have at your disposal the best installations and resources in the most authentic of environments.
  • You will develop your sensory skills and judgment based on technique and product knowledge
  • You will develop your inventive skills to produce coherent recipes that have their own personality, combining products with quality, experience with customer service and create perfection.
  • +1: you will take a qualitative leap forward in your professional career, thus improving your business and becoming a highly qualified chef, which will make you stand out in the current market.



This master’s degree course is aimed at professionals with the following profile:

  • Degree in Gastronomy
  • HNC and HND education in cookery and catering
  • Other non-regulated cookery studies carried out in prominent centres.

It is a requirement that candidates have at least 3 years work experience in cookery in different capacities.

The programme enables the student to acquire advanced competencies in the following areas:

  • In-depth knowledge of products and their culinary applications
  • Creative restaurant processes
  • Trends and innovation in the kitchen
  • Modern culinary techniques


TERM TIMES: from October to March

TIMETABLE: from 15:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday*


Work experience in restaurants (for those who request them) will take place after the master’s course has been completed. Their duration will be 480 hours distributed between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 months.

Students will have the option to validate their work experience as accredited professional experience.

*The timetable is from Monday to Thursday from 15:00 to 20:00. The gastronomic excursions, master classes and gastronomy products seminars may take place in the mornings if the activity requires it.


70% of the master’s teaching hours are practical using innovative methodologies to offer students a rigorous, active and comprehensive learning process.

Classes will take place from Monday to Friday and students will have distance learning activities between sessions with the aim of assimilating the knowledge acquired or put them into practice in subsequent sessions.

Evaluation will be continuous and students will be required to achieve regular objectives which will be assessed by external professionals and tutors from the Basque Culinary Centre. Occasionally there will also be tested in actual customer service situations.

The learning will also take place outside the classroom as there will be gastronomic study excursions that will enable students to have the first-hand experience of the origin of the products used in cooking. There will be visits to, among others, different specialist agricultural, cattle or poultry raising enterprises, markets, technological centres, a dairy, foie or smoked goods production centres, meat producers, pastry and bakery establishments, wineries, vineyards, etc.

Throughout their training, students will produce a final master’s Project from which expert professionals will evaluate, in an actual service situation, their creative skills and coherence of their culinary proposal.

Practical in-company work experience will take place once the teaching period and the final master’s project have been completed. This will last 3 months (480 hours) and will take place in:

  • Nationally and internationally recognised restaurants such as Arzak, Mugaritz, El Celler de Can Roca and many others associated with the Basque Culinary Centre.
  • Gastronomy R&D departments
  • Gastronomic innovation projects such as Bulli-Lab
  • R&D departments within the food industry or other businesses in which students are able to develop their skills.

Students may validate their work experience through accreditation of competence


Teachers and guests

The programme benefits from an academic team made up of highly experienced professionals with extensive teaching skills.

The organisational structure is:

  • A master’s course design team
  • A master’s course coordinator
  • The BCC academic team, lecturers who are expert in sensorial analysis, culinary chemistry, safety and hygiene, production, etc.
  • Expert connoisseurs in each product area: nutritionists, agricultural engineers, marine biologists, vets, producers, etc.
  • Guests of national and international acclaim.
  • Project and practical sessions tutors
  • Students support office

This master’s course contains all seminars on products and their culinary applications included in the catalogue for professionals for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Students will take part in these seminars where guest chefs will be in perfect tandem with the product experts. They will share your vision on rice cooking, Iberian pork, dairy products, spices, fish, etc., demonstrating in detail the application of different culinary techniques, both traditional and/or modern.

Some of the chefs invited to previous editions of the course were: Kiko Moya, Javier Olleros, Ricard Camarena, Eneko Atxa, Josean Alija, Xabier Gutiérrez, Javier Olleros, Oswaldo Oliva, Mateu Casañas, Juan Fra Valiente, Albert Raurich, Rodrigo de la Calle, etc.

A finishing touch to the academic team are the master classes. These are sessions lasting between 2 and 4 hours and are run by internationally renowned chefs: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Pedro Subijana, Juan Mari Arzak, Quique Dacosta or Joan Roca have been some of the leading participants.

During the master class programme, the best known and most up-to-date chefs will demonstrate to students their vision, concept, creative methods and latest culinary ideas.

You will learn from the best!


The total fees for this master’s degree course are €12,100 which will be paid as follows:

  • €150 at the time of applying for a place (refundable in full in the case of not being admitted or needing to withdraw).
  • €4,780 as a reservation fee payable at the time of confirmation of admission.
  • The remainder of the fees is payable in 3 instalments of €2,390 in October, December and February.

*This amount is subject to some variation ahead of the next edition

Financing Options

The centre has special financing agreements with various financial organisations (with the possibility of repayments over a maximum of 6 years).

Subsidy Options

Can be subsidized (partly or totally) by Fundación Tripartita.

Options for discount

Refundable (partly or wholly) through the Fundación Tripartita.

Assistance with Accommodation

The students’ information office of the faculty will provide the necessary information and will assist students with their search for accommodation and shared flats. During the stage, accommodation is included in most cases.

Support for Student Employment

In order to support students with their search for employment during or following their studies, they will receive information relating to the career opportunities available in the faculty.

Likewise, during their stay, students may apply for the study-employment grants offered by the faculty and lend their services to the different departments: R&D, operations, coffee shop, etc.


*The candidates may submit their candidacy throughout the year, even though the official open enrollment period is in the month of January.

1 Pre- Registration

  • Complete the Application form and send it either by e-mail or ordinary post.
  • Documentation to be attached to the application is specified in the registration.


Step 1: accreditation of education and experience

The Selection Board will assess:

  • Cookery and/or catering training
  • Professional experience in cookery and/or catering (preferably for a minimum of 3 years)
  • References provided as recommendation letters

Step 2: knowledge tests

For candidates who have completed step 1, the Selection Board will conduct a personal interview to contrast the information provided. If necessary, candidates will be required to provide additional information such as the production of a video or knowledge test that can demonstrate their qualities, abilities and skills in the kitchen.

Step 3: evaluation of motivation and personal aptitudes

The Selection Board will assess the motivation, as well as the personal aptitudes, that will enable students to succeed in this training process. Personal statements will be taken into account for this purpose.

Once the 3 steps of the selection process have been completed, candidates will be awarded a final mark. The 18 candidates with the highest marks will be admitted.


Candidates who complete the process will be informed of their results indicating whether they have been admitted or placed on the reserve list.

Candidates who have been admitted will be asked to pay the reservation fee before formalising the registration.

The Basque Culinary Centre implements an admission system aimed to ensure that our students have the necessary academic level and personal competencies necessary to succeed in completing a demanding and innovative study plan.

A Selection Board will be responsible for selecting the successful candidates.

It is important to emphasise that:

  • The period for registration will remain open until all places have been allocated. The maximum number of students to be admitted is 18.
  • The first selection of applications will take place from the opening of the registration period until the middle of July 2016. Applicants will be notified as and when the Board completes their assessments.
  • Replies to applications received after that date will be sent as soon as practical.
  • In the case of foreign students, the letter of acceptance and all other information necessary to apply for visas will be supplied to successful candidates once they have paid the confirmation of registration fee.

The period for the submission of applications is open until all places are filled. The maximum number students admitted will be 20.

A first selection will be made of applicants who submit applications until July 15, 2013. These applications will be answered before 15 July 2013. Applications presented after the first selection will be answered as soon as possible.

In the case of foreign students, once they have paid the registration confirmation fee, those accepted will receive their letter of admission and all the necessary help to process their visa.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2019
6 months
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12,100 EUR
Spain - San Sebastián, Basque Country
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Oct. 2019
Spain - San Sebastián, Basque Country
Application deadline Request Info
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