The Official Master's Degree in Computer Engineering has the specialties of "Big Data and Cloud Computing" and "Cybersecurity". The University Master's Degree corresponds to university training in a field of scientific, academic and professional knowledge consolidated and widely extended, both in the Spanish State and in the rest of the countries of the European Union. Computer Engineering is currently an area of science and technology with its own meaning, which is articulated around the research, design and development of software, hardware and, in general, computer systems.

The labor market demands increasingly qualified professionals, so it is necessary to complement the training of Graduates in Computer Engineering with a Master in Computer Engineering that includes, as is the case with this degree, the most demanded specialties such as Big Data and Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity.

In the Spanish university system, the degree that gives the graduate the competences to exercise the profession of Computer Engineer or Engineer is the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, which complies with the "agreement of the Council of Universities, which establishes recommendations for the proposal by the universities of memoirs requesting official degrees in the fields of Computer Engineering ", of June 8, 2009 and published in the BOE of August 4, 2009. In this sense, the Universidad de Huelva has been taught, since the 2014-15 academic year, the Official Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, offering students the possibility of obtaining this university training so demanded in society. For all this and, for the number of students who study undergraduate studies leading to this Master, it is a strategic degree for the Universidad de Huelva and its surroundings.

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Based on the mentioned Agreement of the Council of Universities and the Royal Decree 1393/2007 of October 29, the following access profile is established:

  1. Graduates in the Degree in Computer Engineering, in any of the specific technologies of the degree, will have direct access to the Master. They must take all the credits of the Master in Computer Engineering.
  2. Graduates in Computer Engineering or equivalent will have direct access to the Master. To obtain the Master's degree in Computer Engineering, they must complete the Master's Final Project.
  3. Graduates in any specialty of Technical Engineering in Computer Science or any other degree that has provided a degree equivalent to Technical Engineering in previous ordinations may have access to the Master in Computer Engineering. For these graduates a complementary training program will be established to comply with the provisions of Section 5 of the aforementioned Agreement. In this case, students can access the Master, but do not acquire the degree.
  4. All those people who meet the requirement of being in possession of any degree without prejudice to the establishment of prior training supplements deemed necessary in this case. Once admitted, and prior to their enrollment, they will have to take the training supplements established by the Academic Commission of the Master. These training supplements will be established for each graduate once their competencies are accredited, so as to ensure that they acquire the ones set out in Annex II of the Agreement of the Council of Universities.

Academic Outputs

The natural academic output of the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering is the PhD in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology. The Official Doctoral Program in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology (verified in accordance with RD 99/2011), consists of the following lines of research that appear below and which students can access.

  • Environmental analysis, bioanalysis and biotechnology
  • Environmental biology
  • Industrial biorefinery and forest technology
  • Homogeneous catalysis and organic photochemistry
  • Science and technology of the environment
  • Earth sciences
  • Process and chemical engineering
  • Electrical, electronic, control and robotics engineering
  • Physics, mathematics and computing

Professional outings

The Master in Computer Engineering is one of the university degrees with the highest labor demand. Some of the professional opportunities are:

  • Director of information systems, leading projects, teams and organizations in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector within the company.
  • Software engineer, managing the application development process to guarantee the quality, usability and user satisfaction.
  • Systems architect, designing distributed applications, or evaluating the performance of networks and systems.
  • Information systems consultant, advising on ICT strategy, distribution of multimedia content on the Internet or computer security management.
  • Developer of web applications and mobile devices, much in demand today.
  • Graphic programmer, videogames, and virtual reality applications, which are attractive work areas and at the same time with great job prospects and projection.
  • Embedded software design for industrial, automotive, aeronautical applications.
  • Software design for service and consumer robotics.
  • Research and innovation in different areas of ICT, developing applications of intensive parallel calculation, intelligent robotics, simulations of real systems or applying artificial intelligence techniques to solve complex problems.
  • With the specialty of Cybersecurity: o Director of ICT Security. o Computer Security Analyst. o Security Auditor. o Administrator of Networks and Secure Systems.
  • With the specialty of Big Data and Cloud Computing: o Analyst of Big Data / Business Intelligence solutions or Administrator and / or developer of Big Data Systems or Data Analyst.

In addition, the Master's degree in Computer Engineering not only provides the best expectations to enter the labor market in a preferential condition and in higher-level positions, but also facilitates the student to access specialized training that enables him to start his doctoral studies .

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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