Master's Degree in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship


Program Description

The digital economy will represent 22% of the Spanish GDP in 2020 and the communication market demands integral professionals who have knowledge of Marketing (market studies, analytics and positioning, Inbound Marketing); database management (Big Data, processing and visualization); narrative (Storytelling, Transmedia, Gamification and writing); programming (HTML, CSS Cloud Computing, Apps design); technology and design (video and audio editing, creation of AR and VR environment, streaming) ... both to work for a medium, a producer, or communicating for a brand. All this knowledge is necessary and this master provides them.

Only the best prepared will find their place in a sector in continuous growth and will be able to create start ups and strategies in the field of communication. You too if you form with the professors and experts of the Master's Degree in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship, unique in its field, of the Universidad Europea .


This qualification is suitable for those students interested in Communication, information and new media from degrees in Journalism, Communication, Advertising, Audiovisual or Marketing. Students must have a base of communicative skills both oral and written, and be accustomed to the use of technologies applied to communication. They should be interested in taking on innovation challenges and continuing education throughout their professional lives.

DIFFERENTIAL REASONSChallenge Based Learning:
All the teachers of the Master in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship are active professionals who base their methodology on the resolution of real cases. Students must complete three jobs, one academic and two professional. One of them, the Digital Management Workshop, consists of a project in which they will have to launch a viable digital business model that demonstrates that they know how to apply the knowledge: detection of opportunities, execution of a business plan and understanding of the digital market

The Master will have theoretical spaces, in addition to the laboratories that are fully available to the students where you will learn by doing. The University has the best university media clinic in Spain, European Media. Newspaper, radio and television are available to our students to develop your potential while you form, counting on an experiential learning whose origin can be in the subjects or in a project of entrepreneurship.

PRACTICESThe Master's Degree in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship has 9 ECTS of professional practices in companies of the sector and media. An innovative and adapted training that guarantees a highly qualified preparation that favors the future employability of the student.
The students of this degree have done professional practices in the media and companies such as: Europa Press, El Huffington Post, El Confidencial, El Español, Infolibre, Hearst Magazines, Mediaset Spain,, BBVA, RFEF, Publiespaña.


MODULE I: Socioeconomic environment and multimedia industry.

  • The digital culture and the global society of knowledge: technological criticism.
  • Society of knowledge and the new prosumer era.
  • Present and future of the media.
  • Structure of the interactive industry.
  • Regulatory and deontological framework.


MODULE II: Digital Marketing.

  • Advertising strategy in digital media
  • Marketing in Social Networks
  • Inbound marketing
  • Trends: video, mobile and other tools
  • Organization of content, user experience (UX) and Content curator
  • Influencer marketing
  • Native advertising and branded content
  • Search engine marketing: SEO, SEM, SMO
  • Analytics, evaluation and metrics
  • Case studies: e-business and digital communication. Online business models and strategy.
  • Successful businesses born on the WEB: Search engines, advanced services ...
  • Business derivatives of the offline world: retail, media, banking services ...
  • Participatory WEB
  • The model of the Social Network


MODULE III: Digital Entrepreneurship in the multimedia business.

  • Online business models and e-Business in the area of ​​digital communication. Particularities and management models
  • The "business canvas", business plans and project presentation
  • Legal environment: Legislation and legal framework associated with entrepreneurship. Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law.
  • The financial plan and financial environment: Financial models and sources of financing. Initiatives of "crowdfunding" and "crowdsourcing"
  • Commercial management
  • "Pitch elevator", the sales process, fundraising and communication skills for project presentation


MODULE IV: Big data and data visualization.

  • The Big Data
  • Knowledge discovery processes through data analysis.
  • Data mining and information gathering
  • Causal and empirical analysis of variables
  • Decision applications based on the exploitation of large amounts of data
  • Visualization techniques and tools


MODULE V: Narrative applied to multimedia environments.

  • The community manager as manager of the social story
  • Fundamentals of non-linear narration
  • Narration in immersive environments
  • Hypertextual writing
  • Narrative in the social network: from reality fictionalized to real fiction
  • Laboratory of experimentation EUROPEA MEDIA: Narratives


MODULE VI: Programming and design tools.

  • HTML and web development
  • Design and edition of the digital image
  • Usability and interface design
  • Introduction to web programming: programming languages, databases and cloud computing
  • Design of mobile environments (design of apps)


MODULE VII: Audiovisual technology for Digital Communication.

  • Tools for mounting Broadcast and Mobile video
  • Production and streaming planning
  • Event retransmission tools
  • Immersive communication: trends and applicability
  • Digital Audio


MODULE VIII: Final Master's Project.

  1. Creation of an individual memory in a curricular portfolio format that highlights the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by the student throughout the master's degree on the multiple aspects that surround the activity of communication and digital entrepreneurship in a digital environment integrating the themes exposed during the program.
  2. Realization of two works of a group nature (in groups of 3 or 4 students) that show the competences acquired by the students along the master.
    • Work 1: Preparation of the academic review of a book related to Digital Culture.
    • Work 2: Elaboration of an entrepreneurial project in the field of communication.


MODULE IX: Practices in companies.

Realization of activities related to the contents of the Master in company of the sector.

Professional outings

The main professional opportunities of the Master's Degree in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship are: Media, production companies, companies and brands are just some of the professional opportunities in a sector that does not stop developing.

Without forgetting the enterprise. New needs require jobs that do not yet exist.

In the Master's Degree in Communication and Digital Entrepreneurship we have communication professionals from important media who participate teaching in the master's degree, bringing the professional reality closer to the student through the analysis of real cases. Some of the collaborating companies are: • Huffington Post. • Europa Press. • Prisa Group. • Vocento Group. • Hobby Press.

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