Master's Degree in Communication Management


Program Description

Managing a company's communication is much more than writing press releases, press releases or organizing events. Today the market requires people prepared to make decisions in a global environment, knowing how to connect communication with business strategy. If your future is to act as DIRCOM, at the Universidad Europea we will prepare you to be able to transfer messages and ideas from the company in any of its forms, online and offline, adding value.

In addition, and from the moment you register, you will be part of the DIRCOM Association, which will give you access to a professional network of more than 1,000 managers and communication experts, training sessions and access to material of interest.


MODULE I: The Communication Department: The DIRCOM.

  • Main powers of the DIRCOM.

    Responsibilities and strategic tasks. Communication, relationship and management of corporate communication.

  • Main skills of DIRCOM.

    Formation of a DIRCOM. Management skills.

MODULE II: Corporate Communication.

  • Nature of the communication address.

    Areas of communication (journalism, advertising, protocol, public relations, sponsorship and social action). Corporate communication vs. institutional comunication.

  • The communication address in the organizational structure.

    Communication in the organization and techniques used. The auditory. Corporate networking Strategic communication plan. Stages and ROI.

MODULE III: Management of Communication with the Media.

  • Main communication groups.

    Communication groups in the world. Communication groups in Spain.

  • Organizational structure of the communication area in the media.

    Structure of the communication department in the middle. Management of communication with media 2.0. and Social Media. New communication technologies.

MODULE IV: Relationship with the Media and training of spokespersons.

  • Relationship with the media.

    General policy of relations with the media. Design of the contact agenda. The external communication consultancy as a strategic ally.

  • Speaker training

    Training in communication skills. Body expression, the language of gestures. Persuasive resources in communication with the media.

MODULE V: Measurement, evaluation and management of perceived Corporate Communication.

  • Measurement and evaluation of corporate communication.

    Trackings and collection of information disseminated about the organization. Sources for the collection of information. The communication audit.

  • Application of the effects of communication to the service of the management of identity, image and corporate reputation.

    Perceived image and Identity management. Reputation and communication management. Management of corporate content in 2.0 platforms.

MODULE VI: Practices in companies and collaborating entities.

MODULE VII: Final Master Project.

Generation of a professional project to implement a communication plan in which the contents learned in the master's degree are applied.

Professional outings

Large companies, Communication Agencies, Consultants, NGOs, Associations, Foundations, Institutions, Federations, sports clubs, media ... nowadays almost any institution, public and private, requires the figure of the Director of Communication.

Collaborating companies

In the Master's Degree in Communication Management we have executives from important companies such as Salesforce, Toshiba, Llorente

Our students, who are all associated from the time of enrollment to the Master to the Association DIRCOM, can benefit from belonging to the professional network that brings together more than 1,000 managers and communication professionals, who are responsible for putting value in the strategy of communication in different companies, giving value to the function of an integral communication. In the Association, training sessions are held for its members and with access to professional interest material, invitations to events, being part of an important network of contacts and facilities to enter their job bank.

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To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to ... Read More

To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to social progress through an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment. Read less
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