The MUA trains the architects that the current market demands. Master's degree in architecture that incorporates training in business, knowledge in project management and the completion of mandatory professional practices.

The Master's Degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Navarra is a master's degree that enables the practice of the profession of architect in Spain in a professional environment in which, together with the balance between technical and creative training, a high level of integration of knowledge and capacity for innovation and management.

In addition to the traditional knowledge in humanistic, design and technical subjects, the master's degree is focused on company training that facilitates work in professional teams in line with an international and collaborative context in the profession.

The Master's Degree in Architecture combines the company's own subjects, taught with the collaboration of professors from the IESE Business School and the Universidad de Navarra through the case method, with others specific to the architecture sector, developed by teachers of the School of Architecture and other professionals with a prestigious and solid professional career.

The master's degree will be taught at the new postgraduate campus of the Universidad de Navarra in Madrid.


Final Project

Raised transversally to the rest of the subjects, the Final Project is developed from the beginning of the master's degree.

It consists of a comprehensive architecture project of professional nature in which all the competences acquired during the training process are synthesized, developed to the point of demonstrating sufficiency to determine the complete execution of the building works on which to see, with compliance with the applicable technical and administrative regulations.


The curriculum informs about the subjects of the degree, its character (basic, compulsory, optional, etc.) and credits that each one has The subjects are grouped into subjects, which, in turn, are integrated into modules.

The Master's Degree in Architecture is composed of 60 ECTS distributed in four modules. Three of them - the Proyectual, Technical and Final Degree Project modules - are those established by Order EDU72075 / 2010. To them is added the Business module, specific to this master's degree, taught in collaboration with professors from the IESE Business School and the Universidad de Navarra through the case method applied to the construction sector.

The Master's Degree in Architecture has a ten-month teaching period and an internship period. The Master's Degree is face-to-face.


  • Workshop on Projects, Composition and Urban Planning (5 ECTS)
  • Project Management, Works and Services (4 ECTS)
  • Strategy (2 ECTS)
  • Finance (4.5 ECTS)
  • Human Factor (3.5 ECTS)
  • Technical Practices (3 ECTS)
  • Project Practices (3 ECTS)
  • Final Project (30 ECTS)

M ethodology

The program uses the case method as a teaching system, which consists in the resolution of real problems that entail the exhaustive analysis of the facts and the proposal of solutions and alternatives. To get the most out of it, the student is required to prepare each case individually and then discuss it as a team before attending the class discussion led by the teacher. It is a process that enriches learning due to the contributions of other classmates and the solution proposed by the teacher.


In addition to this, the following learning methodologies are also used:

  • Expositive classes of the teacher in which the fundamental points of the subject are fixed in order to prepare the student for practical subjects. The blackboard, computer, projections will be used for this purpose. It is convenient that the student comes to class having prepared the corresponding materials, which will be available to them previously.
  • Discussion of problems raised by the professor and his public discussion. Prior personal work and organization of the discussion by work groups is required.
  • Discussion of cases. Through the analysis of real cases, students and faculty are involved in a process of in-depth discussion about the circumstances facing a professional in the world of architecture.
  • Simulation of professional situations. It is based on a similar assumption to those that are faced in the practice of the architect's profession so that the student, staff and group, adopt different roles and acquire the work habits that characterize the profession.
  • Master's thesis.
  • Tutoring Sessions with the teacher and / or with the tutor of practices.
  • Preparation of reports, writings, opinions and the like.


The purpose of the admission process is to achieve a homogeneous level in the whole of the promotion and identify those candidates likely to take the most advantage of the academic program.

It consists of a complete evaluation of the profile of the candidate, taking into account the academic merits accredited in the application for online admission and the submitted portfolio.

The admission application process is open from October 2, 2018 throughout the year, although the possibility of being admitted to the master is subject to the existence of vacancies.

Students from other universities

For candidates coming from other universities, the admission process will be carried out through "rolling admissions", where the interested parties will receive the resolution the month after completing their application.

Students of the Universidad de Navarra

The students of the UNAV will have a unique and specific call with their respective deadline.

Admission profile

The entry profile is that of the student who has passed the undergraduate courses that give access to the qualifying master, as established by Order EDU / 2075/2010, of July 29, which establishes the requirements for the verification of degrees official university students that qualify for the exercise of the profession of Architect.

In addition to the skills and knowledge that have been achieved with the passing of that degree, students who wish to pursue the Master's Degree in Architecture by the Universidad de Navarra must have the following characteristics:

  • Initiative and motivation to seek quality and excellence in their work, respect for professional ethics and intellectual integrity.
  • Ability to work individually and as a team.
  • Students with intellectual restlessness and with capacity to understand the relationships between people and their environment.
  • Interest in the professional world of the future, where the development of projects will be in a changing and global environment.
  • The search for an itinerary to endow their professional profile with a clearly differential value.
  • In addition, students must be fluent in Spanish and have an English level equivalent to B2.

Admission process

  1. Application for online admission
  2. Shipment of the portfolio
  3. Resolution
  4. Pre-registration
  5. Enrollment

Professional projection

The Master's Degree in Architecture synthesizes professional knowledge about the End of Career Project that, through internships, workshops and company training, will enable you to develop projects in a changing and global environment, where management skills will allow you to undertake complex projects and collaborative

The master offers you an itinerary to give your professional profile a clearly differential value. A program open to the international market, which adapts to the new social and economic scenario.

With an eye on the immediate present and in the near future, the master is committed to adding technical and project training, business knowledge and management that open a new horizon in the professional profile of the student and will be taught in collaboration with teachers of the IESE Business School.

A training in which compulsory professional practices constitute the beginning of a future trajectory at the service of urban planning and building projects executed with technical rigor, sustainable awareness and social responsibility.

The University Master's Degree in Architecture offers you training oriented to a quality professional practice, adapted to the new social and professional context and open to an international market.

All this with the aim of maintaining the high rate of employability of architecture graduates by the Universidad de Navarra , which is ranked as the number 1 in Spain and 48 in the world in employability, according to the QS 2018 international ranking.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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