Choice of students in the Master's program in Finnish and its Languages

The Master's Degree Program in Finnish and its Languages is intended for non-native speakers of Finnish and other Finno-Ugric languages who have completed their bachelor's degrees abroad or in Finland.

Admission to the Master's program is a BA-level degree, which combines basic and intermediate studies in Finno-Ugric or Finnish language and culture, either as a degree or as a separate course. In exceptional cases, students who have completed a BA degree and who have not completed the above studies in Finno-Ugric or Finnish language and culture may also be admitted to the program through a proficiency test.

The annual admission is 6-10. Previous studies and success are used as selection criteria.

Applications will be ranked:

  1. Study content,
  2. Number of studies and
  3. On the basis of academic success, linguistic and Finnish-language studies have priority.

The online application is available at There you will also find more specific selection criteria. The application period is December 3, 2018 - Jan 31, 2018 (3:00 PM)


Admission Requirements

The application papers required for the application:

  1. Certificates of BA degree and completed studies in Finnish and its native languages, OR Certificate of the quality and time of the student's studies.
  2. A one-page motivation letter in Finnish, which tells you things like the following
    • Why are you interested in Finnish and its languages?
    • Why do you want to study for the Master's Degree Program in Finnish and its Languages?
    • Why do you want to study at the University of Turku?
    • In which area would you like to study most?
  3. One page description of completed theoretical linguistics studies. Don't tell about the courses you've taken, but say things like:
    • Where have you studied linguistics?
    • What have your linguistics studies been like?
    • Which area of linguistics interests you most? Why?
    • If you have completed a thesis in connection with your BA degree, you can also briefly describe your research topic
  4. Assessment form completed by the Finnish language teacher

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Program taught in:
  • Finnish

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