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The Master in Multimedia Creation (MCM) It focuses on three disciplines: Transmedia (Narativa, Serious Games and Gamification), Interaction (HCI, free people-objects) and entertainment (rigging, motion capture). the student the knowledge needed to create multimedia projects from these perspectives are provided.

Experts Titles:

  • transmedia
  • Animation
  • Interaction


Technology is the center of multimedia creation. Apps, interactive installations, sensors, natural interaction ... In the MCM ideas are conceptualized and materialized in the way that is most appropriate to create a memorable experience.


The MCM is based on the philosophy of "Experiential Multimedia" and "Learning by Doing", ie you learn as practices are made. All courses are based on the implementation of projects which are put into practice the knowledge acquired.

  • interactive learning
  • Cross-discipline: multidisciplinary working groups
  • Implementation of Serious Games as catalysts of knowledge
  • based on the discovery in the actual experience learning and project
  • Actual parameters Agile development and management tools
  • The program is taught in a single modular and flexible space, the Media Dome
  • Collaboration with companies
  • shared methodology with the Entertainment Technology Center

What do you prepare?

  • Confronting the creation of any product or interactive service, whatever its size and its application period.
  • Provide global knowledge of multimedia content (creativity, script, user experience, design, technology, content and management) to ensure the necessary bases that allow the creation and narration suitable ideas starting design aimed at the end user, the implementation and architecture of the information involved and the most appropriate management mechanism. The student, at the end, be able to communicate, regardless of input profile, with the three major roles in the industry: the producer, artist and developer.
  • Learn the life cycle of a multimedia product from concept to implementation, through the specification and design, and taking into account the content, the platform, the "media" involved and interface. In addition to the realization of the prototype for the real business, communication strategies via "Social Media" and real and virtual "assets" as pastern, poster, web or video apply.
  • Managing multidisciplinary work teams, using both classical methodologies such as agile team management.

To whom it May concern?

Input Profile

The program supports a very wide input profile due to the nature of the Multimedia and since it is formed in transverse, complementary content to any profile. Therefore it is accessible to all types of professionals.

Especially suitable for graduates and professionals in one of the three given specialties, designers and writers, engineers interested in the interaction and 3D animators.

To access university master degree (official qualification adapted to the new European Higher Education Area) is required: Training degree of 240 ECTS, degree in engineering or related disciplines. Training in engineering or degrees of 180 ECTS, after overcoming a compensatory subjects.

Output Profile

Acquired management knowledge, creativity, usability and design communication and experience complements the input profile so that trains students to work in any company in the multimedia industry and communication.

The knowledge gained from the expert specializing title to different input profiles.


Students who successfully complete this branch can work for game designers, designers experiences, writers, journalists and generally in any company engaged in the design apps, games, video games, transmedia strategies for products or services, journalism 2.0, ...


Students who successfully complete this branch, may work as Interaction Designer, Creative manager, Prototyping Engineer, Speech and Audio Processing Researcher, Speech integration engineer, Engineer Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms Engineer Reseacher.


Graduates of the degree of animation can work in the following areas: production of series and animated film, generation visual effects in film, production graphics for television, audiovisual production for advertising, Creating scenes and characters for video games, multimedia production in general (web, interactive, mobile applications, etc ..), digital publishing, education, Recreation and virtual simulation (architecture, medicine, historical recreation, ..).

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Sep 2019
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