Master's degree in marketing and market research


Program Description

This master's general objective is to get the students learn to perform their functions in specific companies -institutes market research marketing, communication agencies and marketing consultants or company- and also in the marketing departments of any public or private. Today, environments of organizations are not only global but also dynamic, turbulent and highly competitive. At the same time, the target audiences have become more knowledgeable and skilled groups and, therefore, more demanding in their demands. These new perspectives require organizations to act differently and prioritize the deep knowledge of these public and their demands in order to offer a complete, personalized and differentiated service.

  • Coordination: Rosa Maria Rodriguez Artola. Department of Business Administration and Marketing. UJI.
  • Coordinating university: U. of Valencia-Estudi General
  • Interuniversity with: Universitat Jaume I
  • Number of credits: 60 ECTS credits
  • Duration: one academic year (October 2017 / October 2018)
  • Mode: (October 2017 / April 2018)
  • Language of teaching: Spanish
  • Price: pending publication (2016: € 46.20 / credit)
Last updated March 2017

About the School

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