Master's Degree In International Studies Francophones

UAM Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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Master's Degree In International Studies Francophones

UAM Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The Master in International Studies Francophones It aims to advanced study of the language and French and Francophone culture from a professional European Higher Education Area multidisciplinary, scientific and humanistic perspective adapted to the new academic, cultural requirements, and. The MEIF is aimed at graduates who are interested in French and Francophone studies from the academic and research perspective, and professionals from various fields and sectors, for which the knowledge of the language and French culture, international communication and intercultural skills constitute a tool specialization and career development within the framework of a labor market where multilingualism and multiculturalism are values ​​rise.

The curriculum comprises a compulsory core module, multidisciplinary and transversal nature, which is committed to training in the core concepts for defining the spaces of the Francophonie. These contents, which can move between different disciplines, branch out in different thematic modules that constitute a specialized development of each of them: "Thought and artistic and literary creation: cultural transfers"; "Communication and language skills transfer"; "Translation and Interpretation: Fundamentals and practice"; "Professional Applications: communication, management and mediation." In addition to the thematic modules, the curriculum includes an elective practices in professional and academic environments.

These modules comprise a whole a wide range of disciplines that allow students to obtain advanced training both in the field of research specializing in language, literature, culture, civilization and linguistic French and francophone, as in various professional fields related to the Francophonie : university education and research, non-university education, educational activities, bilingual programs, translation and interpretation (humanistic-literary, legal and economic, scientific-technical, biomedical, audiovisual), intercultural communication, international relations, business, commercial and legal, industry publishing, linguistic and cultural advice, production, management and operation of educational and cultural projects, media and communication, mediation linguistic and cultural diversity, tourism management, performance for the company and business.

The MEIF offers two itineraries of specialization, "Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Diversity" and "Translation and Communication", but can be attended without itinerary, allowing the student to choose freely among all subjects.

According to the current environment of digital communication, the MEIF incorporates transversally in his teachings new technologies and tools of research and professional use appropriate to different subjects and disciplines comprising the curriculum. The digital medium is very much on the teachings proposed in the different modules, not only as a basis for teaching, but also to provide students with skills and capacities to address Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in academic and practical work in the new framework of digital humanities. Also the MEIF internacionalizaciónn firmly committed to their training in scientific and professional terms.

Recommended profile

The recommended entry profile title is: Graduates:

  • philologies
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
  • Philosophy and Humanities
  • similar degrees


  • Modern Languages, Culture and Communication
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Hispanic Studies: Language and Literature
  • English studies
  • French and Francophone Studies and related degrees
  • Audiovisual communication
  • Philosophy
  • Humanities
  • related degrees

It will require proof of a B2 French B2 level and English to study, in the latter case, the subjects Module Translation and interpretation.

Access and admission

IT IS IMPORTANT make application for admission to the first deadline (March 1st to May 31, 2017), although they have not completed studies of access, because if demand is high, there will be a percentage of Másteres not to open the second term admissions.

The application for admission can be performed without having completed studies access although they must be completed and requested the title before the last day of the registration period. Students who made the application for admission to Master studies unfinished access must include in the application the declaration of overcoming previous studies indicating the forecast date of completion thereof.

specific access requirements and admission:

With regard to the specific conditions for admission to the Master in International Studies Francophones a higher education degree (bachelor or graduate) is required in the branches of Arts and Humanities.

It will require proof of a B2 level of French.

Admission to the competition degree is the Master Coordination Commission, responsible for deciding on the admission of students. The valuation criteria for admission to the Master include:

  • Adequacy of previous studies of applicant: 20%
  • standardized academic record: 60%
  • Curriculum Vitae, highlighting previous activities related to the Master and scholarships and grants obtained: 20%.

Exceptionally, in the event that several candidates have the same score and so require access conditions by limiting the squares, the Commission may ask candidates a personal interview in order to expand the information provided in the CV .

There is the possibility of taking a combined program of the Master in Teacher Training Secondary Education and Baccalaureate (French specialty) and Master in International Francophone studies, leading to the award of a double degree of Master. For more information you can contact both masters.

Specific admission documents:

Students who made the application for admission to Master studies unfinished access must include in the application the declaration of overcoming previous studies indicating the forecast date of completion thereof.


  • Accreditation B2 level of French language

Admission to request Optional double degree:

  • Request mesob-MEIF combined program.
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Sept. 2018
Spain - Madrid
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