Master's Degree In International Law In Barcelona

Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) Barcelona

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Master's Degree In International Law In Barcelona

Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) Barcelona

The Master in International Legal Practice It is designed especially for recent graduates or graduates in Law (both Spanish and foreign universities) who wish to obtain practical training necessary to join the international legal labor market and for those graduates or law graduates with some work experience in both the legal field as in other areas, who wish to expand and update their skills to redirect their careers.


To engage in the practice of law with sufficient guarantees, it is necessary that the graduate degree or acquire the practical knowledge which could not access during college and know apply them properly and improve his skills as a lawyer and also their level of languages.

The mechanics of practical learning can not be acquired in centers that, deep down, go back to school or university programs delve into some of its members disciplines.

Our approach is based on the idea that basic education must start where law is practiced, that is, in law firms and legal departments of more reputable company.

Based on these simple and yet so novel, and the need to integrate with adequate safeguards for new graduates or graduates of the increasingly demanding labor market principles, the ISDE creates the Master program in International Legal Practice


After more than 50 years in the practice of law, our experience has shown that recent graduates and graduates lack a sufficiently strong basis to start in the practice of law.

To address this lack of training graduates and the need for law firms and legal departments to incorporate company lawyers with practical training required to exercise, ISDE created the Master in International Legal Practice with the aim that by forming which offers students both in the first phase of the master (collective) and the second phase (practices) to provide: - knowledge of legal practice in different areas of international law - knowledge of advocacy skills - language skills - mechanics legal reasoning, that it can simultaneously and gradually aim for specialization So once the student completes the Master be incorporated into the legal labor market with maximum guarantees.


The ISDE has created a system of practical and effective teaching, the fruit of several years of work, consisting of learning based on real cases, on the same basis and evolution using the lawyer in an office. Therefore, the training takes place both in academic offices and law firms themselves.

The system, therefore, is not to study the substantive law, not to examine claims to determine his single invocation, but what is taught is just to apply the law, to detect and isolate the facts that are legally sensitive, to reason before the issues raised by the customer, which solution should be given and how to write or make specific demands.

But this is only a first cycle, since, after completion of this learning process, all students have the opportunity to join fully recognized law firms and legal departments of national and international business.

For the ISDE legal practice is not to simulate fictitious cases, but to live the legal reality, for what has the best group of lawyers to merge into a single computer to match the method of teaching exposed.


The International Master in Advocacy Program is divided into two phases: the first phase (collective) that lasts from October to March in the different areas of law from a practical perspective and the second phase (practical) having studied place from March to July and develops in law firms and legal departments of more reputable company, where students have the opportunity to practice international law.

Location and schedule

This Master is developed in two distinct phases: - The first phase (October to March) takes place in the Academic ISDE headquarters in Barcelona. In this phase, students attend class in time from 16h to 20h Monday through Thursday.

  • The second phase (March to July) will be held at the headquarters of the firm or company assigned to carry out the practices, following the schedule set by them.

Process and Admission

The admission process developed by the ISDE is intended to ensure the homogeneity of the level of the participants, so that all can follow a similar work rate and adapted to the requirements of the programs.

To this end, candidates must submit the Admissions Department the following documents: - Sheet completed application - Curriculum vitae - scanning University degree - Academic record digitally After verifying that the candidate meets the minimum requirements, they will conduct a series of written and oral tests, which close the admissions process.

To help candidates during the admissions process, from ISDE candidate will provide the information you need and the doubts that may arise will be resolved.

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