Master's degree in humanistic psychotherapy and experiential psychotherapy focused on emotion


Program Description

Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy Experiential Psychotherapy and Emotion Focused


As a result of the regulation of the profession of Psychologist General Health, students who wish to practice psychology in health or clinical setting should take the professionalizing Master (MPGS) or specialize by way of Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology (PIR ). Both routes offer a complete and extensive training on general issues of the profession of clinical or health psychologist, but many students also want a deeper specialization in models of humanistic psychotherapy. Moreover, Focused Psychotherapy Emotion is currently the head of humanistic psychotherapy internationally recognized. Therefore, the program is designed in line with the 3 levels of training provided by the team Lelsie Greenberg at York University Psychology Clinic, so that the basis for an internationally recognized training are based.


To whom it is addressed

This program psychologists who are pursuing the Master's Degree in Health General Psychology, as well as other psychologists or physicians who wish to obtain a specialization in humanistic psychotherapy in their work contexts, interested in a deeper understanding of human beings and their addresses being in the world.

Study regime

The completion of the entire program is a full-time, where attending classes and practices combine with staff student work from the guidelines set by the teacher.

Admission process and requirements

It is required to be in possession of a degree or graduate in psychology or medicine (having obtained in this training at least 90 credits of health content) as well as having a good record ..

After presenting the admission form along with the required documentation, the candidate will be summoned for a personal interview in which the adequacy of their profile will be assessed to the requirements for successful study at the master.


The Master is structured in 60 ECTS credits taught in a calendar year (January to December). The subjects of the first semester electives correspond to the second semester of the second year of the Master of Psychology General Health (30 ECTS), while subjects in the second semester of the Master are specific title (30 ECTS).


  • experiential humanistic model of the human being
  • Understanding of psychopathology and health from the humanistic model
  • empathic attunement and intentions of experiential response
  • Gestalt therapy group
  • Skills to develop and maintain the therapeutic alliance
  • Constructivists, narratives and third generation techniques
  • Practices


  • social and community intervention
  • body work
  • existential therapies
  • humanist techniques with children and adolescents
  • Case Formulation
  • Clinical applications of therapy focused on emotion
  • therapeutic tasks in therapy focused on emotion
  • Couples therapy in therapy focused on emotion
  • practical workshop
  • Practices

The training activities consist of: expository lessons; clinical and therapeutic staff, individual work and group work; study of cases; simulations and role playing; video viewing and analysis; reading scientific texts and critical comment; intervention (at different levels) and monitoring performance with patients; design and implementation of theoretical and empirical research; psychological report writing.


The University as an institution of the Catholic Church provides its service to society, provides scholarships and aid in various forms to students, to contribute to the costs of education and promoting equal opportunities according to the individualized needs of each student . These grants are financed with own funds and with contributions from the University Comillas-ICAI Foundation Helps Fund Ecclesiastical and non-autonomous foundation for studies of aspirants to the priesthood and other entities and individuals.

University students enjoy the same benefits as other university Spaniards in matters of student insurance, government grants and other scholarships.

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