Master's Degree in Psychology General Health and Therapeutics Own Specialization Master (Dual Degree)


The Master in Psychology General Health is aimed at those graduates and graduates in psychology who wish to acquire the skills assessment, diagnosis and intervention in the field of health psychology and who wish to do so from a plural perspective that takes into account different approaches empirically contrasted .

This plural formation in the main theoretical approaches to psychology provide students with a comprehensive, global and integrated to addressing and intervene in the area of ​​clinical psychology and health training.

In the second course, the Master offers a wide range of electives allowing students to choose a learning path that will enable not only finish the Masters in Health General Psychology, but also specialize in an area of ​​clinical intervention and get an Own Master Specialization Therapeutics.

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas has a long history in the training of psychologists. Our Master combines the rigor and academic quality with emphasis on practical learning, reflected in both the methodology of the classes and the quality of practices.



The Master is aimed at those graduates and graduates in psychology who wish to acquire the skills assessment, diagnosis and intervention in the field of health psychology and who wish to do so from a plural theoretical perspective that takes into account different approaches empirically contrasted. The recommended entry profile is that of a person interested in acquiring knowledge about human beings, their individual and social behavior and the processes and variables that contribute to their explanation and that after the previous training in General Psychology, focuses on the field of health psychology. a remarkable versatility and academic profile is recommended to properly handle the language of both the humanities and of the field of health sciences. It is understood, therefore, that must be a motivated person and professionally oriented to promote the welfare and health of people in various areas of life, and skills to establish personal relationships help and support.


To access the master must be in possession of the title of graduate or psychology graduate having completed at least 90 credits specifically health content.



  • EC1 - acquire, develop and implement a comprehensive concept of health, have a place where biopsychosocial components thereof, in accordance with the guidelines set by WHO.
  • CE2 - Apply the fundamentals of bioethics and the method of deliberation in professional practice, adjusting his tenure as health professionals to the provisions of Law 44/2003, of 21 November, regulating health professions.
  • CE3 - Show interpersonal communication skills and management of appropriate emotions for effective interaction with patients, families and caregivers in the process of problem identification, assessment, communication and psychological diagnosis and intervention monitoring.
  • EC4 - Critically analyze and use sources of clinical information.
  • CE5 - Using information and communications technology in professional performance.
  • CE6 - Write psychological reports form suitable recipients.
  • EC7 - Formulate working hypotheses in research and collect and critically evaluate information for problem solving, applying the scientific method.
  • EC8 - Know the policy framework of the overall health psychologist and specialist knowledge to derive the corresponding professional.
  • EC9 - Develop your work from the perspective of quality and continuous improvement, with the necessary capacity for self-criticism responsible professional performance.
  • CE10 - Knowing how to communicate and communicate with other professionals, and master the skills needed for teamwork and skills in multidisciplinary groups.
  • CE11 - Knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of health personnel regarding confidentiality of information and protection of personal data of patients.
  • CE12 - know in depth the psychological nature of human behavior and the social and biological factors that can affect it.
  • CE13 - know in depth the psychological nature of human behavior disorders.
  • CE14 - learn more about the psychosocial factors associated with health problems and disease.
  • CE15 - To know in depth the biological and psychosocial factors associated with health problems and disease, especially those related to mental health.
  • CE16 - learn more about the different models of assessment and intervention in the field of Health General Psychology, as well as techniques and procedures that flow from them for addressing behavioral disorders and psychological factors associated with problems Health.
  • CE17 - Plan, perform and, where appropriate, monitor the process of psychological evaluation of human behavior and psychological factors associated with health problems to establish the evaluation of them.
  • CE18 - Design, develop and monitor and evaluate appropriate plans and programs of psychological intervention, depending on the psychological assessment and individual and social variables competing in each case.
  • CE19 - Know the activities necessary for the establishment, implementation and management of a company, its different legal forms and legal, accounting and tax obligations associated.
  • CE20 - Knowledge of current legislation in the Spanish healthcare sector.
  • CE21 - Conduct advocacy and education for individual and community psychological health.

Objectives and Methodology


This master aims to provide an applied, advanced and specialized training to enable professionals to intervene in the field of health psychology, also according to their research and development of critical and reflective capacity training.

In addition, the characteristics of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas training and experience in psychology lead us to propose a profile of training in the area of ​​health psychology characterized as:

  • Useful and practical.
  • With integral vision of the human being.
  • Committed to alleviate suffering and to generate justice.
  • Open to the transcendent dimension of the human.
  • In continuous pursuit of scientific, educational and ethical excellence.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and basic skills intervention in health psychology.
  • Learning of methodological skills and management information to enable an assessment of the effectiveness of interventions, contact with the scientific community and a continuous updating of knowledge.
  • Learning relational and ethical skills that are accurate to develop a responsible professional practice and quality

These features are specified in the following objectives of the training program:


Teaching is rooted in practice thanks to the learning process based on numerous cases and practices in the field of health and health intervention.

The supervised internship programs represent 30 ECTS and are held in the training center of the University (UNINPSI) and various private centers. The activities developed within the module practices include among others: intervention in issues of health psychology, development of psychoeducational workshops, evaluation and psychotherapeutic intervention and monitoring of interventions.


We offer a training program that integrates different theoretical orientations (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic and systemic) and that in the process of theoretical and practical training allows students to deepen the intervention area of ​​interest (adults, children or families).

working sessions combined with the teacher along with the work directed student through seminars deepening specific topics, content presentation, practical projects and implementation work looking for the student to be able to develop different strategies and techniques intervention depending on the problem addressed.

Alongside these sessions supervised internship in which working sessions will be combined in different clinical care and health issues with supervision sessions individual and group character and personal work on the work will be performed.


The University as an institution of the Catholic Church provides its service to society, provides scholarships and aid in various forms to students, to contribute to the costs of education and promoting equal opportunities according to the individualized needs of each student . These grants are financed with own funds and with contributions from the University Comillas-ICAI Foundation Helps Fund Ecclesiastical and non-autonomous foundation for studies of aspirants to the priesthood and other entities and individuals.

University students enjoy the same benefits as other university Spaniards in matters of student insurance, government grants and other scholarships.

Outputs Professional and Academic

Double degree will allow students to obtain an enabling Own Master and Specialization Master Therapeutics.

Graduate Profile

The student who passes the master program will get the official title of Master in Health Psychology General that enables you to the profession regulated titled and General Health Psychologist. The Master meets the requirements of the Order ECD / 1070/2013, of June 12, in which the requirements for verification of official university master's degrees in Psychology General Health are established.

This title allows conducting research, evaluations and psychological interventions on aspects of behavior and activity of the people who influence in promoting and improving the overall health status, provided that such activities do not require a specialized by other care health professionals (Law 33/2011, of October 4, General Public Health) professionals who graduate Master in Health Psychology General may conduct assessment and intervention activities of individual, family and marital problems in a variety of dispositive care. Among them can be highlighted: the centers of psychological care, health centers other than the public health system, centers for juvenile rehabilitation centers for chronically ill, care centers for people with disabilities, treatment centers addiction, care centers for the elderly, etc. Each year the areas of preferred use are analyzed to adapt the teachings to changing social demands.

academic outputs

The Master in Psychology General Health official status and as such allows access to the Doctorate.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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