Master's degree in food science and technology


Program Description

The degree course of Science in Food Science and Technology aims to provide, on the basis of a solid preparation on the theoretical and scientific aspects acquired in the bachelor's degree in Class L-26, advanced knowledge in the field of technical management of systems and food chains . The course also the form of high profile professionals able to use a wide range of knowledge to interpret, describe and solve, in an innovative way, problems related to the agro-food chains. Within the Bachelor of Science, the student has the opportunity to acquire specific knowledge in science and food technology.

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Food Science and Technology is articulated through a series of educational activities aimed at providing: - scientific and technological preparation to design and manage innovation in the agri-food production; - Knowledge for the deepening of the issues on the assessment of the chemical, physical, nutritional, microbiological and sensorial food and necessary raw materials; - The skills to make a rational choice of the processes and of the most suitable processing steps for a modern food production and / or administration of the foods.

  • The skills to evaluate the influence of metabolic processes of plant and animal products on the conservation and transformation processes in view of their commercial utilization - the skills to use the traditional technologies and / or emerging conservation, processing and packaging of food and assess their effects in terms of shelf-life and health and hygiene safety - the skills to enhance the local products through the application of innovative processing technologies and conservation and research and market strategies.

His professional activity takes place mainly in the agro-food companies and all the companies that integrate the chain of production, processing, storage and distribution of food products, in companies of mass retailers, public and private institutions that lead the planning, analysis , inspection, certification, and in those undertaking scientific investigations for the protection and enhancement of food production, and training institutions, in drawing offices and in private practice.

The occupational profile of the master degree in Food Science and Technology is adequately diversified, with emphasis on special occupational fields and obtaining specific occupational profiles, in order to ensure the necessary flexibility to meet the demands of the labor market, both private public.

The year

  • Stabilization and Conservation of Food
  • Managing Processes Food Industries
    • Processes of Food Technology
    • Alcoholic Beverage Technology
  • Agribusiness Company's management
  • Processing Laboratory of Experimental Statistics and Data Mining Data
  • Physical and Sensory Analysis of Food Products
  • Food crops Herbaceous
  • of Agro-Industrial Systems Engineering
    • Idrici plants and Wastewater Management
    • Design and management of buildings and installations for Agribusiness
  • Food Security and Analytical Techniques for Monitoring

year II

  • Conservation Derrate and Pathology of Post-Harvest
    • Pathology of Post-Harvest and Mycotoxins
    • Animal Parasitology of Foodstuffs
  • Physiology of Post-Harvest
  • Quality 'of Microbiological Food
  • Feedstuff Technique and Quality 'of Food Zootecnici
  • Choosing materials to
  • Internships and Apprenticeships Outdoors
  • Completion courses and Orientation
  • Final test
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Located in the center of the Mediterranean, the University provides a wealth of knowledge built on every aspect of this area: the ideal springboard for those who want to study in Reggio and build thei ... Read More

Located in the center of the Mediterranean, the University provides a wealth of knowledge built on every aspect of this area: the ideal springboard for those who want to study in Reggio and build their own future in a city with a metropolitan breath, engaging for its beauty... Read less
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