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Master in Environmental Science and Technology

Welcome to the site of the Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Technology (PPCTA). Here you will find the necessary information about the Master's and PhD, as well as updates on the academic activities of the program.

The PPCTA enables human resources to work in the areas of teaching, research and development through knowledge-domain tools and technologies focused on the environment.

Program Objectives

The Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Technology (PPCTA) enables human resources to work in the areas of teaching, research and development through knowledge-domain-oriented tools and technologies for the environment.

Inserted in the Interdisciplinary Area of ​​the CAPES PPCTA search a diversified context of different areas of environmental sciences, with the following objectives:

  • train human resources to work in teaching, management, research and development in the environmental area through interdisciplinary ecological knowledge and the development of tools and technologies that can be applied in understanding and tackling the problems of the man-nature relationship;
  • develop new technical and scientific knowledge to better management of environmental issues presented by the company (both by the productive sector, as public opinion), integrating the training of students in this search process of new knowledge, interdisciplinary and complex, but fundamentally necessary ;
  • promote interconnection between academic knowledge and social reality, allowing both the productive sector and the general population can benefit from new knowledge of the advance generated by the fusion of distinct knowledge featuring an innovative and harmonious social integration between the parties involved;
  • participate actively in the establishment of local and national environmental policies through data collection and the development of new environmental management tools in addition to providing skilled manpower for such necessarily interdisciplinary objectives;
  • promote international exchange of graduate students through partnerships / technical and scientific agreements in order to add different knowledge and experiences for the development of new approaches to environmental issues, adapted to particular situations;
  • provide technical / scientific support to graduates to maintain bonds of scientific partnerships with PPGCTA, seeking continuous improvement and promoting the exchange of experiences between those involved in the projects.

Basic module and Mandatory

Semester 1

  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Technology Fundamentals
  • Scientific methodology
  • Interdisciplinary Project development
  • Seminars
  • Case Studies in Environmental Science and Technology

Semester 2

  • Environmental Management Principles
  • Ecology Fundamentals
  • Applied statistics
  • Seminars


Scholarship granted by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES), through Project: Comparative Analysis of Process Management and Urban Beaches Governance between Brazil and Uruguay for students to develop the sub-project: environmental services Analysis in Camboriú beaches (Santa Catarina - Brazil) and Pocitos (Montevideo - Uruguay).

The scholarship is for one year in Uruguay entitled to be associated with the Master's degree in integrated coastal management. In the second year, the student will complete the dissertation in the Laboratory of Conservation, Management and Coastal Governance in UNIVALI.

Bags CAPES / PROSUP - Master

Scholarships and School Fees paid by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES), through the Support Program for Graduate (PROSUP) for the Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Technology - Master and Doctorate academic in the fields of study in: Technology and Environmental and Aquatic Ecosystems Management.

Each selection process will be made available Scholarships and Fees for new students. The Notices destined for each process, will be made available on the homepage of PPCTA.

Documentation required for registration

  • Photocopy of Graduate Course Diploma (authenticated);
  • Transcript photocopy of Graduation (authenticated);
  • Photocopy of Identity Card and CPF;
  • Photocopy of the birth or marriage certificate;
  • Curriculum Vitae documented;
  • Search intention;
  • Proof of payment of registration fee (bank transfer in the amount of R $ 140.00);
  • Two 3x4 photos.

It is noteworthy that applicants and prospective students should be informed about the program's objectives, lines of research, curriculum and guiding future, allowing it to further clarification of the program's areas of expertise and topics of dissertations and theses.

More information

Registration should be made via Internet and documentation, along with proof of payment to be printed also the Internet, will be accepted via SEDEX-stamped posting at the Post Office until last day of enrollment in the selection process or delivered in person at the Secretariat academic course.

Program taught in:
Portuguese (Brazil)

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