Master's degree in computer science


Program Description

Studying the Master of Computer Science at UAG

Program Objective


Train teachers capable of developing robust and advanced software systems, using methods and tools to design, build, analyze, test, manage and maintain software systems by improving techniques and tools to produce high quality software.

Competitive advantages

  • It has teachers and highly regarded in academia and researchers in the productive sector.
  • The professional may specialize in three main areas: software engineering, formal methods or distributed computing.
  • Its curriculum is structured based on the competencies defined by industry.
  • It has laboratories and high-tech equipment in accordance with the requirements of the program.
  • Prepares the graduate to participate in technological developments, new product generation and project management.
  • They included in your plan materials studies aimed at certification of students.

Graduate profile

  • It shall apply the fundamentals of computer science and software engineering design and systems analysis.
  • It will plan, design, implement and perform actual testing software projects, using software tools.
  • It apply problem solving techniques, scientific method and mathematics in design and systems analysis.
  • You have ability to design software.
  • It will optimize software systems.

Areas of Professional Performance

  • software development companies.
  • Certifying software companies.
  • Companies in any industry that have department.
  • Institutions of higher education.
  • Research projects.

Program Description

school quarterly periods:

  • January April
  • May August
  • September December
  • Oriented software development.
  • Study and management of technologies, tools and methodologies in the area.
  • Flexible curriculum.
  • Highly qualified teachers.

Obtaining grade

  • Collect the appropriations indicated in the curriculum.
  • Develop a research paper.
  • Examination of defense present their research work.

Applicant Profile

  • Graduates at the undergraduate level racing area Computer and Electronics and those related careers.
  • Have knowledge in programming languages ​​object-oriented databases, operating systems and software engineering.
  • Have skills to understand documents in English.
  • Possess skills for oral and written communication.

Entry requirements

  • Within the administrative requirements and school students must meet the applicant must possess at least a degree immediately preceding related to the areas of electronics, computing, mechatronics, atemáticas with a minimum average of 8 Degree.
  • Deliver application for membership and there documents specified in the format admission.
  • Perform psychometric exam.
  • Approve minimum knowledge examination in August.
  • Conduct interview with the academic core.
  • Toefl record 460 points or equivalent as approved course record, if not have the income required to sign a commitment to cover up to year of admission to the program.


Master of Computer Science

Required courses

  • Programming and Distributed Systems Architecture and Parallel (8)
  • Database (8)
  • Advanced Operating Systems (8)
  • Software Architecture and Design (8)
  • Quality Assurance Software (8)
  • Advanced Network Protocols (8)
  • Microcomputer architecture (8)
  • Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers (8)
  • Research Project (8)

Optative subjects

  • Software Requirements Engineering (8)
  • Testing, Verification and Validation Software (8)
  • Project Management Software (8)
  • Process Management Software (8)
  • Applications Discrete Mathematics (8)
  • Computer Graphics (8)
  • Simulation Techniques (8)
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms (8)
  • Image Processing (8)
  • Pattern Recognition (8)
  • Real-Time Systems and Embedded (8)
  • Artificial Intelligence (8)
  • Network Programming Environment (8)
  • Data Mineo (8)
  • Information Security (8)
  • Privacy and Security (8)
  • Introduction to Cryptography (8)
  • Advanced routing (8)
  • Active Networks (8)
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The University is proud to be thoroughly Mexican and, at the same time, to emphasize its orientation to international education. The UAG has some of the best educational facilities in the country, cov ... Read More

The University is proud to be thoroughly Mexican and, at the same time, to emphasize its orientation to international education. The UAG has some of the best educational facilities in the country, covering an area of more than 10 million square feet, distributed in 5 campuses in the area of Guadalajara city: Main Campus (C.U.), the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Health Sciences Campus, and the University in the Community (UNICO). The UAG also owns other campuses in the states of Colima, Nayarit and Tabasco. In addition, the UAG has two hospitals, one Experimental Agricultural Center and three university hotels and convention centers. Read less