The Master's Degree in Computer Engineering (MUEI) Is the official master's degree, of a professional nature, which culminates the process of adaptation of the Faculty of Informatics of the UDC (FIC) to the EHEA and ensures the acquisition of all the skills that must have a degree in Computer Engineering , Following the recommendations established by the professional framework.

Why study the degree

Fundamentally for two reasons:

  • To expand, update and consolidate multidisciplinary and specialized computer skills, both in the field of management and control, as well as in IT technologies.
  • To have the opportunity to acquire an intense contact with the reality of companies and institutions thanks to the large number of conferences and seminars that impart outstanding professionals and the realization of practices in company, which will help you to know the problems that are faced in the field Professional and the role that can be provided in your solution by a person who is qualified in Computer Engineering.

What is learned

  • Study of the needs of the organization and determination of requirements, languages ​​and models, validation and prototypes, embedded systems.
  • Design of information systems.
  • Cloud Computing: layers and application development.
  • Computer graphics and multimedia technologies
  • Models, techniques and algorithms of information retrieval. Semantic Web.
  • Devices, mobile applications and their use in the company.
  • Quality, security and computer audit.
  • Project management.
  • Information systems in the company, planning, organizational structure and information systems.
  • Data Architecture for the Analytical Environment, Data Warehouse and Data Marts, Data Integration and Data Mining.

Structure of the Study

Direction and Management

  • Strategic Planning of Information Systems
  • Project Management

Computer Technologies

  • Informatics as a service
  • Analysis of Information Systems
  • Information Systems Design
  • Interaction, Graphics and Multimedia
  • Information Retrieval and Semantic Web
  • Quality, Security and IT Auditing
  • Architectures and Mobile Platforms
  • Business Intelligence

Business practice

  • Business practice

Degree project

  • Master's degree job

Required. Technical engineers in computer systems

  • Project management
  • Intelligent Systems

Required. Technical engineers in management informatics, Diploma in computer science

  • Computer Structure
  • Intelligent Systems

Profile Information Technology

  • Real Estate Management
  • Security in Computer Systems
  • Quality in ICT Management
  • Operating Systems Management

Profile Software Engineering

  • Quality assurance
  • Development Methodologies
  • Software Architecture
  • Requirements Engineering

Professional and academic outputs

  • Business Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Director of software projects
  • Project Manager Software
  • ICT Consultant
  • ICT auditor
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Head of security
  • Specialist in information retrieval techniques
  • Responsible for multimedia environments
  • Investigator
  • Trainer

Recommended profile

People with the qualifications of:

  • Degree in Computer Engineering
  • Informatics Engineering
  • Technical Engineering Informatics
  • Other related qualifications

Common access requirements

The following list of access degrees is classified in two levels of priority, each level being preferred to the next and there being no distinction within each level:

Priority 1:

  • Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Computer Engineering and Licenciatura in Informatics
  • Technical Engineering in Computer Science and later degree in the Master in Computer Science (UDC)
  • Technical Engineering in Computer Science and later degree in the Master in Computer Systems Engineering (UDC)

Priority 2:

  • Technical Engineering in Computer Management
  • Technical Engineering in Computer Systems
  • Diploma in Computer Science
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
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3 semesters
1,789 EUR
Course price (60 ECTS) for students with residence in Spain or in the EU: € 1,789; Course price (60 ECTS) for students with no residence in Spain or in the EU: € 3,130
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