Master's degree in community manager and social media


Program Description

Who should attend:

all people who want to create, manage, moderate, develop and lead virtual communities, keep track of accounts and interpretation of metric reports to assess the ROI of any brand or company is going. Both the profile of the Community Manager and Social Media are demanded by all organizations and one of the most promising professions.



  • Learn to interpret the behaviors that users are on the network and
  • know, understand and apply the fundamentals of any company, but from the perspective of social networks.
  • Knowing the challenges that users, companies and their brands are living in social networks.
  • strategically position your company in the RRSS from the point of view of content management, social marketing and customer service.
  • All the skills of a Community Manager on each social network.
  • Ability to measure, analyze and report the results as they happen.
  • In addition, a number of global targets to all programs consisting of: efficiently lead teams, learn to make strategic decisions, develop a global and inclusive vision, master change management and capture management skills.


Module 1: Fundamentals
Session 1: technological and legal environment.
Session 2: Introduction to social media marketing.
Session 3: Introduction to the world of search engines

Module 2: Community Manager
Session 1: Community Manager.
Session 2: Community Manager on Facebook.
Session 3: Community Manager on Twitter.
Session 4: Community Manager in Instagram.
Session 5: Community Manager LinkedIn.
Session 6: Community Manager for Google+.

Module 3: Social Media Manager
Session 1: Social Media Strategy.
Session 2: Social Media Strategy.
Session 3: Managing online reputation.
Session 4: Digital Marketing.
Session 5: Customer loyalty.
Session 6: Google Adwords I.

Module 4: Analyzing Data
Session 1: Social Media Metrics.
Session 2: Google Analytics I.

Module 5: Skills and Tools
Session 1: Public Speaking.
Session 2: Written Communication
Session 3: Hootsuite.
Session 4: Buzz.

MASTER THESIS PROJECT. Always accompanied by your expert, your project tutor and the head teacher.

Additional Information:

Those students who wish have the possibility of internships in major companies. This training can be funded by the Tripartite Foundation.

Reviews of students:

Amalia White Polo (2015)
The first thing to note is the online platform is very simple and intuitive.

As for the Master, the program is complete, the courses are well structured block, information and content is very good and the forum that each subject allows participation in a simple way, also each teacher responds with agility and invite them to participate. Public Speaking, Effective Presentations, Online reputation, I think they are materials that can be applied very much on each working day. Two of the issues that are very interested in this master are: Measurement and Strategy, are essential, and a subject for each particular social network and tools. Despite being online you do not feel alone at any time, there is a control by each teacher, there are practical tasks, tests, but being constant is perfectly acceptable, and most importantly learn and if you can play much better.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Spain Business School es una nueva escuela de negocios de carácter privado, independiente y plural con una función social muy importante. Podríamos indicar se nos encontramos ante una de las pocas escuelas de negocios sociales si no la única. Está formada por profesionales con amplia experiencia en docencia y que desean compartir sus conocimientos aportando valor a la sociedad. Deseamos dar servicio y formación a personas con talento, sin importar edad, raza ni requisitos. Read less
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