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Program Description

The Master in Communication, Social Media and Web Marketing is a modern and innovative education that prepares professionals in the field of Online Marketing and corporate online communications. Unlike other web courses classic Marketing wants to be a more comprehensive tool: it is a specific master on Social Media Marketing Strategies, Online Advertising and the Web Copywriting foundations, designed according to the most modern communication techniques and the latest developments of the sector. Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adwords will become everyday tools in your work.

Why choose a Masters in Communication, Social Media and Online Marketing?

The new Master in Communication, Social Media and Web Marketing Up level will form preparing you to operate in a highly competitive industry through training to 360 degrees in marketing and communication.

At the end of the Master you will be able to design, manage and monitor integrated communication campaigns, using only the classical techniques to promote the brand and product, the most innovative techniques of Web Marketing and communication on social media.

The evolution of communication requires the mastery of new methods and in-depth knowledge of all their potentials. The gradual transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the growing integration between Search Engine and Social Media, revolutionizes communication via the Internet, developing a high level of interaction that is now on Social Network its maximum expression.

For this reason, the Master's program in Communication, Social Media and Web Up Level Marketing is continually renewed and strengthened in all fields that are becoming increasingly important in the next-generation marketing, such as:

  • SEO, or optimize the website to position themselves better on the search engine compared to its target;
  • Advertising online with Google Adwords;
  • Social Media Marketing to create a network of contacts and encouraging the engagement;
  • Web Copywriting to create quality content that encourage conversion and re-share;
  • Online Reputation Management to monitor the value and reputation of their brands in the various web channels.

A wide-ranging training, offering the full knowledge of the entire communication process, from planning to coordination, creativity performance, up to a specific training in communication law.

What does the Communication Manager?

  • Translate the philosophy into effective communication, strategic and successful: this, in a nutshell, is the role of Communication Manager, a key figure in the world of internet and digital marketing since its capabilities depend on the strength, effectiveness and the quality of communication and corporate marketing.
  • The web communication and social media evolves following shorter and fast cycle times. New capabilities require new needs, which in turn require innovative techniques, in an incessant reference to continuous improvement, which requires the Communication Manager knowledge and more ductile and flexible professionalism of the whole process is the Digital Marketing is the Social Media Marketing.
  • A cutting-edge solution to form - through this specific course - professional roles that can keep pace with market demands and even to anticipate them, thanks to a sound and thorough training, which in addition to the theoretical and practical skills needed to send each effective practical approach to the management of corporate communication on the internet.

An education that ensures the opening of any innovation to be constantly updated and master effectively every new marketing and communication technique.


  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Naples

Professional outlets

The Master in Communication, Social Media and Web Marketing opens up major career opportunities. Here are some possible job opportunities that will present themselves after attending the master:

  • Web Community Manager / Social Media Manager
  • Expert Search Engine / SEO
  • Web Advertising Manager
  • Web Content Specialist

Study plan

  • Strategic Marketing
  • The professions in the field of Marketing & Communication
  • marketing Planning
  • Legislation and law in the field of Marketing & Communication
  • Marketing and Creativity
  • Marketing and Corporate Communication
  • Institutional Events and Event Marketing
  • The unconventional marketing
  • The evolution of the Net: web 1.0, web 2.0, web 3.0
  • The Search Engine Optimization activities (SEO)
  • The Search Engine Marketing activities (SEM)
  • The Social Media Marketing
  • The choice of social media and integration into a marketing strategy
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About the School

Fondata da Fabrizio Serafini, esperto professionista, con al suo attivo numerosi successi nel settore manageriale. Up level dal 1995 ad oggi ha al suo attivo le più interessanti case history umane in ... Read More

Fondata da Fabrizio Serafini, esperto professionista, con al suo attivo numerosi successi nel settore manageriale. Up level dal 1995 ad oggi ha al suo attivo le più interessanti case history umane in fatto di formazione e iperspecializzazione. Nel 2004 acquisisce la certificazione ISO 9001:200Settore/i EA di attività : 37 Progettazione ed erogazioni di Master Post-Laurea, e non, e di Corsi di Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale. Nel 2009 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lazio. Nel 2011 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lombardia. Read less
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