The University of A Coruña presents the Master in Banking and Finance With validity in all the Spanish territory. The program is structured in an academic course of 60 ECTS credits, in which all subjects are quarterly.

The general objective of the Master in Banking and Finance is to provide advanced academic training in the financial field that allows students to become future multipurpose professionals with high technical qualification and management skills.

It is also intended that they be able to apply their knowledge to the practice with a critical and creative spirit and that, by stimulating the culture of risk and initiative in ideas and reasoning, be able to adapt in the future with flexibility to situations New; An inescapable requirement in today's increasingly complex and changing business environment.

Why study the degree

The Official Master in Banking and Finance is a comprehensive program that seeks to provide advanced and current financial training designed to meet the demands of a demanding and continuously expanding sector. With this Master it facilitates the labor insertion of the students, by training them and training them so that they become multipurpose professionals with management capacity and high technical qualification.

What is learned

The Master's program in Banking and Finance has been designed to cover the fundamental subjects in the field of market and business finance, both from a descriptive point of view and analysis and valuation.

The level of depth in the study of each of the subjects that make up the program is high, which favors the acquisition of an important theoretical and practical basis in these, as well as the knowledge of the most current lines of research and contact with The most advanced publications.

Structure of the Study

Module I: Unique

  • Financial Markets
  • Statistical-econometric techniques applied
  • Financial system
  • Valuation of financial assets
  • Banking
  • Information systems
  • Financial valuation
  • Financial Marketing
  • Taxation of Transactions and Financial Instruments
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Derivative financial instruments
  • Macroeconomics in open economies
  • Accounting for Financial Instruments and Entities
  • Work End of Master
  • Business practice
  • Right of financial intermediation

Professional and academic outputs

Professional environment in which it is located

In today's highly sophisticated financial markets and instruments, companies need specialized professionals who also have managerial skills and analytical skills.

Professional and academic outputs

This master's degree gives access to the doctoral program that is taught in the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UDC.

Financial analyst, asset manager, investment adviser, intermediary operator, banking executive and financial director are some of the professional profiles to which the training provided by this Master is oriented.

Recommended profile

To students who come from diplomas of economic and business content. To professionals looking for an update of their knowledge or an extension of these. A degree in Law, Mathematics, Engineering, Journalism or any other degree with demand in the banking and finance sector.

Common access requirements

Graduates in Economics and Business will have preference of students of other qualifications that potentially demand training in the subjects that are taught in the Master.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
1 year
1,297 EUR
Course price (60 ECTS) for students with residence in Spain or in the EU: € 1,215; Course price (60 ECTS) for students without residence in Spain or in the EU: € 2,126
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