Master's Degree in Philosophy (MFIL)

Universidad de las Islas Baleares - UIB

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Master's Degree in Philosophy (MFIL)

Universidad de las Islas Baleares - UIB

What does it consist of?

The University Master's Degree in Philosophy is a higher degree aimed at advanced student training that covers the fundamental areas of studies in philosophy: history of philosophy, theoretical philosophy, practical philosophy and philosophy of science. Integrated into the Spanish and European educational frameworks, this degree aims to provide students with the necessary skills to carry out solved an autonomous research task, continue their studies or improve in their work environment. It also offers advanced and updated training in the areas of knowledge that comprise it. The curriculum of this degree has been designed to achieve greater efficiency in the use of time and effort of the students, as well as for the learning process to be coherent and the final and specialized training.

What will you learn?

The Master's Degree in Philosophy offers a training that not only gives graduates an advanced knowledge in the main areas of philosophy (history of philosophy, theoretical philosophy, practical philosophy and philosophy of science), but also skills and abilities that they serve to plan and carry out studies and research or to continue training autonomously throughout their lives. The different subjects that make up the Master have been planned for the student to learn the systems and the basic functioning of applied academic research (research techniques and information expression, validation of knowledge and hypotheses, information and data searches, communication and transfer of knowledge, as well as planning, execution and resolution of research problems). Likewise, this qualification fosters the critical capacity of the students and their competences in developing both individual and team work, in such a way that the graduates are able to adapt to different scenarios and carry out their tasks in the most efficient way possible.

What can you do when you're finished?

The main purpose of the University Master's Degree in Philosophy is research, which is why the qualification enables students to carry out both autonomous and team work, as well as integrating it into Spanish and European ID systems. The qualification enables students to complete a doctoral program, but also offers skills and abilities that are currently essential for the development of projects in both the public and private sectors.

Access to other studies and professional opportunities

The Master's Degree in Philosophy allows access to the PhD in Philology and Philosophy of the UIB, thus offering training continuity for all those who wish to extend their academic training. Likewise, the master's degree enables graduates to pursue doctoral studies from other universities, provided that they are related to the scientific area in which this postgraduate program is enrolled.

Structure of the studies

The program consists of four specialties:

  • Specialty in History of Philosophy;
  • Specialty in Theoretical Philosophy;
  • Specialization in Practical Philosophy;
  • Specialty in Philosophy of Science.

Currently, due to the number of students, these studies allow students to choose from the set of the academic offer the subjects they consider most appropriate to their educational objectives, until a total of 42 credits are added (to which 6 credits are added). compulsory of the methodological subject of the basic methodological training module and the 12 credits of the End of Master's Work). Therefore, the specialties serve as a formative orientation and for the assignment of the TFM to an area of ​​research in philosophy.

In total, the training program consists of 48 credits including 6 of the compulsory methodological subject for all students. To complete their training, students must prepare and defend a TFM (12 credits). This project will be part of one of the thematic areas delineated by some of the specialties, and the students will have to choose according to the director of the TFM.

There are subjects that are taught in Spanish and others in Catalan.

The MFIL has a Tutorial Action Plan (PAT). Students who consider it appropriate may request tutorials with the coordinators of the MFIL to clarify any doubts regarding the enrollment. In addition, students may at any time request a tutoring with the coordinators to clarify any issues related to the operation of the MFIL. In the first master's class (compulsory methodological subject for all students), basic information on the operation of the degree is offered. Through the application of Campus Extens students are given the relevant information for the proper development of the training program, as well as for the preparation, registration, deposit and defense of the TFM.

Admission profile and admission criteria

  • Higher graduates from a Spanish university: In accordance with current European, national and UIB regulations, students who hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent may access master's studies. In addition, diplomas, architect or technical engineer degrees give access to master's studies.
  • Senior graduates by a foreign university; In accordance with the current regulations of the UIB, students who are in possession of a foreign higher education degree will be able to access the studies of the master's degree with the prior approval of this degree to a Spanish degree that enables access to these postgraduate studies . However, the UIB reserves the right to admit foreign students without homologation of the degree, after verification of a level of training equivalent to the Spanish titles of degree and empowering in the country of issuance of the degree to access postgraduate studies . The accreditation process must be done in accordance with the procedure established by the Center for Postgraduate Studies.
  • Students who have partially completed doctoral studies: These students, in accordance with the regulations of the University of the Balearic Islands, Royal Decree 778/1998 and Royal Decree 56/2005 of January 21, or previous norms, will be able to access the official postgraduate programs and obtain the official master's degree, as long as they are previously admitted, and may request the recognition of the credits corresponding to the courses and work of initiation to the research carried out, in accordance with the validation process that the Center of Postgraduate Studies establish.

If the number of applications for enrollment exceeds the places offered by the master (see above), the Academic Committee of the MFIL will establish a list of candidates according to the following criteria:

  • Academic record (up to 3 points)
  • Scholarships obtained (up to 2 points)
  • Publications (up to 2 points)
  • Assistance to congresses, courses and seminars (up to 2 points)
  • Other merits (up to 1 point)
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Palma, Balearic Islands
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